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Lace Weight Yarn Gift Guide

Written by Kate Curry

Lace weight makes the world go ‘round. Yeah, that’s how the saying goes! Lace weight yarn is the thinnest and lightest yarns you can find! Perfect for delicate and flowing pieces, it’s not hard to find that lace weight is many crafters favorite weight to work with! 

If you have a lace weight lover in your life, we’ve got some perfect gifts for your viewing pleasure! 

Lace Weight Silk Shawl

A blonde girl wearing lace weight silk shawl in black with potted greenery in the background

Our most popular knitting kit will bring a bump of sparkle to your lace-weight-lover’s eyes! The elegant design is accented by simple lace designs (trust me, it's easier than it looks).

Silk Waves Shawl

A woman is facing away from the camera, the periwinkle silk shawl around her shoulders.

This shawl was the first ‘big’ project I had ever done with lace weight and let me tell you - it was worth every minute I spent on it! This lace weight shawl features an airy wave stitch pattern making it a great piece for the change in the seasons.

Star Stitch Lace Weight Crochet Shawl

A blonde woman is looking down, wearing a white sweater and a white and grey scarf

The Star Stitch Shawl features the beautiful crochet star stitch to create a unique and eye-catching accessory. With so many colors to choose from, it's easy to make this shawl fit your style! 

Zephyr Tides Cardi

A person with a large black hat is facing away from the camera, wearing a purple and blue lace weight cardigan.

Cardis are all the rage right now, so why not get your loved one that they can make themselves out of their favorite lace weight! Made from our Lace Weight Silk Cloud, this open front sweater can be worn any time of year, and with any outfit.

Pixie Bonnet

The sideways image of a young baby wearing a pixie bonnet made from blue-purple lace weight silk yarn.

Why not get them a kit for their baby? This is a must-have for any little one's hat collection. Pattern includes sizes for newborn, infant, baby, toddler, and child! Who doesn’t want to cover their kiddo in lace weight? 

Shells on the Shoreline Silk Scarf

A white and grey chevron mannequin has a green and purple scarf wrapped around it's neck.

Is your crocheter a beginner? Don’t worry, this scarf kit is perfect for them! Lightweight, delicate and oh so colorful, our Shells on the Shoreline Silk Scarf is the charming touch you'll need for breezy summer nights.

Loom Mesh Tote

A person with long blonde hair has a mesh bag made of rainbow lace weight over their shoulder.

Who wouldn’t want a bag made out of yummy lace weight?! 

All The Lace Weight Yarn

A nest of yellow, green, and pink lace weight silk yarn is sitting in a white room, in front of a large geode with some leafy green plants coming from the top of the image.

If you know what they love, it’s hard to go wrong! If you know your loved one is wacky for the lace weight, get them a few skeins…or more! 

Winders & Swifts

A wooden yarn swift is connected to a table that has a blue and orange cover.

I love lace weight yarn, but it can be hard to ball them by hand. Why not get your friend a ball winder and/or a swift to give them a helping hand! 

Stitch Markers

Multiple pastel stitch markers are in a pile.

If you’re working with lace weight, you can bet there are going to be oodles of stitches abound! Help a crafter out by snagging them some much needed stitch markers! 

Yarn Bowls

A ball of blue and tan sparkly lace weight silk yarn is resting in a wooden yarn bowl.

These gorgeous bowls will keep your lace weight yarn balls free of tangles and your mind free of frustration by preventing the dreaded yarn unraveling mid-project. Choose from wooden or ceramic, in a range of designs from simple to eclectic, including novelty watermelon beautifully handcrafted limited edition or cat yarn bowls! Whether you knit, crochet, or weave, you'll find these extremely helpful tools indispensable for any future fiber art projects.

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