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Knitting for Charity

It's that time of year when people are looking outward for things they can do to help in the world. The holidays is an amazing time where people come together to serve others, and as crafters we've been brainstorming of things we can do. Knitting for charity is a great way to serve your community. Whether you're knitting for a homeless shelter, for soldiers deployed overseas, refugees, or for a family in need, you're helping others. Making winter hats and scarves is an especially useful gift of your time, because they will help the less fortunate keep warm during the cold winter months. We've compiled a few of our very favorite knitting patterns that are quick and easy, perfect for knitting for charity!

The Autumn Arrow Winter Hat

Close up of woman wearing a black leather jacket and pink knit beanie, standing in a grassy field

The Autumn Arrow Winter Hat is an easy knitting pattern that will whip up a hat in no time. This hat is so versatile and easy to wear, and it would work perfectly for a wide variety of people. Because it's an easy pattern, you'll be able to make several of these quickly for donating to those in need. 

Fun and Games Scarf

Man wearing a gingham shirt and gray vest with a gray knitted scarf, standing in front of a tree

The Fun and Games Scarf is a beautiful, timeless scarf that would look and feel lovely on anyone. It includes easy instructions and can even be purchased in a full kit. This scarf works up quickly and easily, perfect for batch-making several to donate to a charitable cause.

Alp Oriental Fringe Throw

Woman holding knitting needles and a yarn bowl with a blanket in her lap

Our Alp Oriental Fringe Throw pattern makes a gorgeous chunky blanket that will keep anyone warm. Because it's ultra warm and cozy, it makes such a perfect donation to those in need of extra warmth this winter. Using our beautiful Alp Oriental Feza yarn, anyone who receives one of these blankets will cherish it for years to come. This pattern is very simple, making it a great blanket for donating.

Are you working on any projects for charities this year? We'd love to hear about them! Join us on our Facebook Group to share what you're working on. 

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