KNIT: Slipper Pattern Now Available

Click Here For the Pattern!

I'm so excited about this project. Faith, my friend and one of our most loyal and fantastic Darn Good Yarners came up with this cool pattern which is just in time for the fall season! Hoo-rah! (Oh I sounded very Air Force for a second!)

Don't let your imagination cease with this pattern. These great slippers are great for travel as well as around the house! I am making a pair for myself for when I fly on planes because they roll up into my purse and when I'm on the plane I can slip off my shoes and stick these puppies on....ah bliss!

Click Here For the Pattern!

You can also easily make a couple pairs for when you have guests to your house. Knit them up a pair to wear around your place and then let them take them home to enjoy and remember their time with you!

This pattern calls for an old t-shirt or two and some Darn Good Yarn (come on you know you have that one with the stain on it that really needs to be re-purposed). You can use either two balls of the premium recycled silk yarn or two balls of the slightly unrefined silk both found by click on the following pictures:

Click Here for the Unrefined Recycled Silk
Click here for DGY's Premium Recycled Silk Yarn

The pattern is very easy to follow and would be suitable for a beginner too. The pattern is $3.99, an absolute steal for the versatility of the slippers!

Click Here For the Pattern!