Kid Project Hair Accessory Holder - Darn Good Yarn

Kid Project Hair Accessory Holder

Are you sick and tired of finding barrettes, hair clips and head bands all over the place?! Well we have a unique solution for you that is also a fun afternoon crafty activity for your little one!!

What you will need


Step 1: Untwist Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn.  Lay loop flat on table.  Cut strands at bottom of loop.


Step 2: Working with 3 strands of Sari Silk Ribbon at a time, lay folded loop of 3 strands under hanger.


Step 3: Pick up the bottom 6 strands and pull through the loop.


Step 4: Repeat this across the hanger.  Saving a piece or two for the bow

Step 5: Starting on the left side take 3 strands from first section, 3 strands from 2nd section and tie a double knot.  Repeat this across the hanger.


Step 6: Tie bow to top of hanger.


Step 7: Attach hair accessories to the ribbon.  Barrettes can simply be opened and clipped on the ribbon.  Using a ball pony tail holder, tie around ends of hanger to make loop to insert headbands through.  On other side slide scrunchies or over the ball pony tail holder before attaching to the hanger.


And it is done! No more lost barrettes and hair ties!!!