January Yarn Club Winners: Best Work In Progress

February 23, 2018 1 min read

January Yarn Club Winners: Best Work In Progress

January brought us a mixture of cold weather, post-holiday recovery, and some really great new patterns (some of them are even free!) It also brought us 3 fabulous winners for our Washi Ribbon Bowl Work in Progress Challenge for our $10 Yarn Club

 1. Lindsey, who normally knits, was inspired to try crocheting this months project! Even though she had to get a bit creative with how she fixed the hole, she was happy she developed some new crochet skills.  


 2. Sharon's cuddly work-in-progress pic (or did Sharon's cat actually make this?!)


 3. And this yummy shot from @ecstaticpeace, which shows just how absolutely beautiful this chiffon ribbon knits up to be! 

Thank you to all our contestants this month! It was so hard to choose just 3 winners, so keep tagging us @darngoodyarn on Instagram, @dgyarn on Facebook, and by using the hashtag #darngoodyarn. 


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