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Interesting Knitting Facts You Definitely Didn't Know Before

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Lately knitting is being called the "New Yoga".  The craft has been around for years but until recently it has remained in the shadows so-to-speak.  Now that the word is out people are seeing knitting as more than just a monotonous, dated, thing to do.  The world of knitting has significant benefits individually and on a large scale.  For example environmentally, knitting puts good use to recycled products.  Darn Good Yarn has used over 200,000 pounds of reclaimed textile waste so far to help produce the exotic yarns we are know for.  So you're saying ok... a lot of stuff can be recycled that's not new but here are some interesting knitting facts that you may NOT have known about:  

1. Knitting is a mental treadmill

Studies have shown that because knitting takes a good amount of focus the brain is being exercised.  The more we work our brains the better off we will be.  Increasing brain activity helps with memory, motivation, thinking speed and has even been shown to help slow the symptoms of dementia.

2. Knitting boosts your sense of self

Knitting has been linked to increasing self confidence, especially in children.  Understanding patterns and using brain strategy to make a completed project makes you feel pretty darn great.


3.Knitting gets you in the mood

Results from a survey of knitters showed that 90% reported an improvement in their mood.  Actors from Daryl Hannah to Christina Hendricks have spoken on the effects knitting has on their mood and focus.


4.Knitting is a depression buster

While knitting your brain starts producing dopamine.  Dopamine is the pleasure  neuro-transmitter.  When this is released in the brain it helps knock out those downer day blues.


5.Knitting gives back

From AIDS awareness to making blankets for children and families in need, knitting participants help not only themselves but others.  Millions of dollars have been raised through various knitting organizations for charitable efforts.

So as you can see knitting isn't just a one stop shop.  There are many benefits to take advantage of by giving it a try.