DGY's What To Wear For The Holidays Guide

Happy Holidays, everyone! 

If you're like many of us who work here at Darn Good Yarn, one of the biggest parts of celebrating the best time of the year is deciding what festive and fabulous outfits you will wear to holiday events! Well, we have some good news for you. If you've got some Recycled Sari Wrap Skirts in your closet, or if you will be adding some to your wardrobe soon, there is no Christmas Party or Thanksgiving dinner you aren't ready to dress beautifully for! 

We've put together several outfits using our Sari Wrap Skirts to bring you this complete What To Wear for the Holidays Guide! We hope that these fashion inspirations help you look your best at every holiday celebration.

 Celebrate Sweater Weather

November and December are ideal for wearing sweaters. Think you can't be warm and dress up at the same time? Think again! Paring one of our skirts with your favorite solid-colored sweater makes it possible! 

Woman wearing an oversized sweater and sari wrap skirt and standing in front of a white lattice backdrop with a wooden ladder


Love, Laugh, Layer!

The #1 key to cold-weather fashion is LAYERS! Put on leggings under that skirt, a jacket over your blouse, and your favorite sari silk medley scarf around your neck. Layers will add both warmth and style to your holiday attire! 

Need a scarf that will go great with your holiday outfit? Check out our Sari Silk and Cotton Scarves and our new Sari Silk Medley scarves

Woman laughing and wearing a jacket, sari wrap skirt, and scarf while standing in front of greenery

Be Ready For Adventure

Holiday gatherings can throw a lot at you. One minute, you're sitting and having tea with your grandmother by the fire place, and the next uncle Jim suggests a hike through the woods. From the dinner table to the back yard, to your uncle's favorite hiking trail, you'll need something versatile for this year's holiday celebrations!. Good thing that our sari wrap skirts can be worn anywhere! 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt and boots and walking through a wooded area

Don't Stress. Just Impress

For many of us, the holidays are not just about having fun, but also about seeing family members or even friends that we only see once or twice a year. When visiting with these individuals that we see so rarely, there is often pressure to make a good impression. We're here to take a bit of that load off your back! Putting on a sari wrap skirt along with a jacket, some jewelry, and other accessories will ensure that you look your best! And when you look good, the relatives will of course be inclined to believe you are doing well. 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt, denim jacket, hat and boots while standing in front of a white lattice backdrop and a wooded area

Combine Class with Ultimate Comfort

In the minds of many, dressing comfortably and dressing formally are often contradictory. We are here to deliver the freeing truth that this isn't how it has to be! Our sari silk skirts are one of the most beautiful, and most comfortable items of clothing you can own. Combine your skirt with a matching blouse and warm winter vest for the ultimate combination of class and comfort! 

Woman wearing a fur vest and a sari wrap skirt while standing in front of a white lattice backdrop and wooden ladder

Use Color to Fit the Holiday Mood

One of the fun things about our skirts is that they contain SO MANY COLORS! This is a huge asset when it comes to dressing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other occasions that have thematic colors. Grab a skirt with red and green in it to wear with a matching top for your aunt't Christmas party, or a skirt that contains oranges and yellows for thanksgiving dinner. Throw on a matching top and you've got a festive, seasonal outfit! 

Woman wearing an oversized sweater and sari wrap skirt while standing in front of a white lattice backdrop and wooden ladder

Show Off Your Fashion Prowess!

One of our favorite things about the holidays is that they're an excuse to dress up! Take advantage of this opportunity and show off your fashion skills to your friends and relatives. Have fun paring your sari wrap skirt with matching tops, necklaces, earrings, and shoes.The holidays only come once a year! Celebrate them with your best foot forward. 

Woman wearing a fur vest and sari wrap skirt while standing in front of a white lattice backdrop and wooden ladder

 We hope that this guide has helped you prepare for your upcoming celebrations and that the holidays bring you much joy and happiness as you are surrounded by those you love! 

If you wear a sari skirt to a holiday event, show us how you style it! 

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Three women wearing sari wrap skirts with long sleeve sweaters and standing in front of a white lattice backdrop and a wooden ladder