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How to Wear a Sari Wrap Skirt: Reversible Edition 1

One of the main reasons sari wrap skirts are so popular is that they can be worn in so many different ways! In addition to its most used form, this incredibly multi-functional skirt can be worn  as a dress, shirt, or shawl. The fact that it can be worn in reverse really gives this product a special place in our hearts. As people who like to have a pretty pared down closet, but never want to sacrifice style, color, and pattern, we look all over for eclectic items that can be stretched out to be worn with so many different outfits in our closet. This reversible sari wrap skirt is the perfect addition to anyone's closet for that exact reason!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Women wearing green and yellow reversible sari wrap skirt

This is the perfect outfit for bringing you from day to night! The worst thing is wearing a super cute outfit to work with plans on going out, only to spill coffee or your lunch mid way! This reversible wrap skirt has you covered since you can just switch it around!

Unexpected Layers

Women wearing reversible sari wrap skirt layered over a dress

We love a black essential but sometimes you want to find ways to add color into your favorite outfits. What we love most about these skirts is how inspired they make us feel to try new things! Layering a mini skirt on top of a dress really elevates the outfit.

Happy Hour

Women wearing reversible sari wrap skirt over with tights and boots and a blazer

Whether you’re meeting up with some coworkers or going on a first date after work, wearing your reversible wrap mini skirt is a great way to feel flirty and unique. Wearing in combination with your favorite black essentials is a great way to really elevate an outfit.

Boss Babe

Women wearing reversible sari wrap skirt with white button up and heels

We all want to feel our best going into a meeting or to work each day. I know every time I want to feel confident I pull out my reversible wrap sari skirt because the bold pattern and perfect fit make me feel invincible.

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