How to Seam Knit Pieces with Whip Stitch

How to Seam Knit Pieces with Whip Stitch

What is a Whip Stitch and Why Use it?

Whip stitch is a simple, strong stitch that’s formed by pulling your threaded needle through both sides of the piece - usually through the “right sides” - by going over the edge of the two pieces being seamed together. 

This seaming technique is great for where you’d like to make a horizontal seam.  Whether you're merging sections of a cozy sweater or bringing together panels of a stylish knit accessory, the whip stitch is your go-to for achieving clean, crisp lines.

The whip stitch is also a versatile stitch- You can either whip stitch towards you or away from you; it just depends on your personal preference!

How to Whip Stitch your Knit Pieces 

But how does one master the art of whip stitching? Fear not, as we've got you covered with step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through the process!

How to Whip Stitch TOWARDS you:

 How to Whip Stitch AWAY from you:

Now that you've mastered the whip stitch, why not try this knitting kit and show off your new seaming skills?