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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home Using Yarn!

Written by Kate Curry

Ring shopping can be difficult when you don’t know your size. Sure, you can guess - but that’s risky business at its best! I’ll show you an easy trick to measure yourself at home. All you’ll need is:

A piece of yarn or string
Measuring tape
A pair of scissors, a pink tape measurer, and a strand of pink yarn are laying on a dark wooden table.

To measure yourself, wrap the yarn around your desired ring finger.

When the end meets, snip the yarn .

A hand with long black nails has a strand of pink yarn wrapped around their pointer finger.

Laying your yarn flat, measure it against your tape

The snipped strand of pink yarn is laying against the measuring tape.

Now that you have your finger circumference you can compare it to the size chart on the site you’re purchasing from!

Remember - you don’t want to pull the string too tightly or too loosely, it can skew your correct measurements!

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