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How To Make Easy Crochet Baskets and More Importantly, Why You Want To


We live in a small home of under 900 square feet so every inch of my home has to be usable space. "Everything in its place and a place for everything" sounds great. The reality is quite different. The clutter monster lurks around every corner and in every closet. This beast and my husband are the best of buds. So how to deal with clutter? I mean, something as simple as the incoming mail quickly takes over what little counter space we have.

inside of yarn basket

Nagging takes away from the joy of my day and I just don't have the desire to spend my life organizing clutter. Baskets are a wonderful thing because it gives a sense of order until I choose to deal with things. I have a small basket on the counter for mail, pens, coupons, and the occasional loose screw! It's small and shallow which is key to have a place for "stuff" and I can see what is there and I know we will deal with it before the basket overflows!

Rather than bore you with photos of how to make an easy crochet basket, I am going to suggest you watch videos. YouTube offers a multitude of options on how to make crochet baskets. Courtesy of Melanie Ham, this tutorial gives the basics of making a crochet basket with rope, and later in the video with cotton.


Hide and Seek

Baskets provide a place to put things and relieve the clutter issue. Multiple baskets through out my small home store things from board books to clothes pins, from organic foods to organic cleaning supplies. Knowing what is in a certain homemade basket means I can grab the basket I need for the purpose it is intended without digging in to the depths of a cupboard or drawer.

And besides, I need something to store all my yarn and notions in!

two yarn baskets next to flower pot

Start With Art

Baskets look fabulous in any home, no matter the design or lack there of. Baskets can alleviate eye sore areas and be true objects of beauty. In making a crochet basket for your home, you are adding a creative dimension to your place. Whatever form your basket takes, you are making a statement of uniqueness, warmth and creativity.

The Spring looking baskets above are from our sari ribbon nesting baskets kit. Sari silk ribbon is great for this type of basket and our kit includes 3 hanks of At The Bahamas Sari Silk Ribbon. You will need to know these basic crochet stitches below to complete this easy pattern. Don't be intimidated by these stitches because YouTube has tutorials for them all and we use them all the time!


sl st: Slip stitch

sc: Single crochet

hdc: Half-double crochet

How To (AKA Follow the basics, but we are really just wanting to inspire you!)

There are a lot of great ideas out there for easy crochet baskets. Try a tutorial or two or three if needed, and remember that when we say baskets are easy we mean it! The basic stitches listed above are all do-able and some build on others. If you have other stitches you prefer you can incorporate those into your baskets. There are NO RULES with making a crocheted basket so grab your needles!

Think about your fiber, but not too hard! Fibers can be recycled, vegan, or rope...sari silk ribbon makes beautiful baskets. Add a bit of hemp or rope if you want to give your basket a stiffer quality. The bulkier fibers will work up faster and tend to give you a bigger basket look. Finer fibers will be more delicate. Visit the Craftaholics Anonymous website for the actual how to for making a crochet basket that happens to be made of t-shirt cotton. I looked at a few different tutorials and if you have the basic stitches, this is a sweet pattern and the photos explain how to do make this basket.

In addition, thanks to, I found a variety of crochet patterns for baskets. The variety here reminds me that color, style and texture all contribute to your basket design. Let your mind go wild with color. Your options are limitless with crochet baskets and just remember that the stiffer the basket the more durable it will be.

yarn basket over table

A Basket of Smiles

Baskets are a wonderful and heart felt gift. A handmade basket bring that giving to a much deeper level; those that craft appreciate the work, and those that don't craft revel in the idea that you took the time to make something for them. Mother's Day is just around the corner, Spring is in the air, and I am sure you know someone that you can bring a basket of smiles, too.

Personally, I feel the best basket is one filled with a few additional things for gifting. Perhaps a small basket with body lotions and bubble bath? A medium size basket with a Spring plant? Or a large basket filled with fiber and needles to encourage the beginning crocheter! It could be really fun to gift this small basket above with a crochet basket kit, one as a gift and the second for a friend to try!

Besides, who doesn't love a homemade basket? 'Specially when it's filled with smiles!