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How to Make Beautiful Marble Jewelry and Other Handmade Jewelry Ideas

I am not big on glitz and glam; it's just the way I am. I do love wearing an accessory to tie things together sometimes. I am also amazed how I can wear jeans and a shirt in the garden or wear the same outfit with a piece or two of jewelry and it just dresses things up a tad!

Cracking Up

Marbles, they're not just for playing any more! The idea of baking marbles has been around for a few years. Have you heard of it? With a sister who just loved taking the ordinary and experimenting with it, she was a marble chef! She totally loved making jewelry creations for friends and family. She wasn't much of a cook so I laugh to think of her love of baking marbles!

DIY crafts are wonderful! We love helping to get you crafters think about other ideas. So how do we actually use marbles to make jewelry? Here's the basics on how to bake marbles:

1.Bake your glass marbles at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. (Muffin tins are awesome because the marbles don't roll off!!!)

2.After baking, immediately put marbles in ice water. The transition from hot to cold makes the marbles crack on the inside

3.Once cooled and cracked, marbles can then be glued to jewelry piece where the chain will be threaded.

4.Thread chain, wire, or sari silk ribbon for a necklace. I am all about fiber so that is always my go-to option!

Simple, right? This could be great fun with the kids but remember that these marbles are super hot and you are actually going to have to be careful and do much of this project yourself. Could be a fun way to talk about hot, cold, and what happens when those forces meet! 

multicolored sampler cards over a white background

The part that will be more hands-on for the kids will be when they chose their sari ribbons or other fibers to decorate their jewelry. Sari ribbon, cotton yarn, and others can be found on DGY Sampler cards....soooo perfect for pairing with baked marbles.

Lost Your Marbles?

I am always open to taking things to the next level! Perhaps you are looking for other jewelry making materials? Perhaps you haven't done a lot of jewelry making and would love to try the Beaded Crochet Necklace Kit? This kit has great color options and has really opened my eyes to jewelry making ideas!

yarn skein close up

Such as....I am creative but I need a pattern or something to just gain a bit of confidence.  I am loving the idea of this crochet necklace kit and trying it using baked marbles once I get the hang of it. I would love to see baked marbles with some of our gorgeous options in recycled sari silk using the pattern in this kit. How cool would that be for up-cycling jewelry?

Beautiful Jewelry, Beautiful People

As a creative lifestyle company, we support not just our knitters and crocheters, but all things creative!  Jewelry making, mixed media, spinning, weaving-what ever your craft we have unique materials for you!

yarn earrings close up

And if you are not wanting to make your own jewelry, Darn Good Yarn has some amazing jewelry for those who want to spice up there wardrobe a bit with artisan good but are not ready to bake marbles!

This is another amazing story for Darn Good Yarn!  How about some beautifully hand crafted earrings? Darn Good Jewelry creates opportunity for adults with special needs who are often unemployed or underemployed. Created by acclaimed designer Maggie Dykzeul, this jewelry collection was designed as a form of art therapy for adults with special needs.

Get Cracking

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Be it marbles, our crochet jewelry kit, or hand made earrings, we take great pride in our story! Supporting our amazing crafters and offering so many recycled fibers is our passion. So grab that old stash of marbles, a muffin tin, and get cracking!  And for all you great chefs, did you know you can fry marbles, too?