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How to Make Different Purses Using Unique Yarn

December 21, 2016 2 min read

Around the World Purse Pattern - Darn Good Yarn

 Yep! We have a thing for purses and bags at Darn Good Yarn! And while we love all of our unique purses, sweet, felted, fair trade little purses, and our awesome canvas totes for project bags, today's blog is about making a purse using unique yarn!

To Market, To Market

My favorite part about making a purse is that it is usually quite simple. The other part I love is when completed, you have a one-of-a-kind, no-one-else-has it purse! And while I am talking about favorites, one of my very favorite purse projects is our Market Tote Kit-made with recycled chiffon and available with a knit or crochet pattern, perfect for so many uses or an awesome gift idea!

The Future is Looking Bright

We have many patterns just for you and if you want to start simple, this Home For My Sunnies patterngives you a sweet taste of how purse making goes without all the labor of a bigger bag. Perfect for you sunglasses or perhaps a phone? You may want to buy extra Resolution Yarn so you can make a purse, too!

Another (Idea for) Resolution


And for you weavers, here is our Messenger Bagdesigned by our Darn Good Yarn friend, Rebecca, from Pea Knits on Etsy! She made this on a tri-loom and uses the amazing recycled Resolution Yarn which pops with color, though other yarns will work as well!

Sticking with Tradition

Perhaps you want a more traditional look? Denae Merrill over at DenKnits create this beautiful pattern that we have put together with our linen yarn in a kit called My Favorite Chevron Kit.. The mitts can be made with this kit as well!

Using the Original

In writing this blog, it's best to read through as I tend to save my favorite ideas for the end, not always but a lot! Working with silk is such a pleasure and our Hobo Purse pattern is just beautiful! Made with our Original Premium Handspun Silk, this crochet  purse is a real show stopper and created by one of our favorite designers, Chriss Smith!

So yeah, check out our website for patterns and project kits! We do have a thing for bags and purses, and some of them are made from the most incredible recycled products. Above, I have mentioned recycled chiffon, silk, and linen just to name a few. Unique creations begin with unique fibers!

What's in your bag?!!!!