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How to Care For Your Sari Wrap Skirt

Do you own a Sari Wrap Skirt and are stumped about how to care for it? We hear you! These skirts are made from a blend of viscose silk and soft rosgulla sari fabric, which is a fiber that most of us are likely not used to wearing or washing. Our skirts are also made using recycled Sari fabric that's been pieced together to give it new life! Due to the recycled nature of these skirts, you may run into minor issues like small tears or stains that are typically very treatable.In this post we'll talk about how to wash your Sari Wrap Skirt, how to mend it, and how to handle a few of the minor issues you may find when purchasing recycled clothing.  Let's get started!

How To Wash

Your Sari Wrap Skirt can be machine washed! Place your skirt in a mesh bag, wash on a cold gentle cycle, and dry on low to medium heat. To avoid wrinkles, promptly remove from the dyer and place on a hanger. If ironing is needed, you may iron your skirt on a cool setting. Pay close attention to the heat settings on your iron to avoid scorching the fabric.

How To Remove Smells

Because our skirts are imported across continents, they often arrive with a slightly musty smell that can be easily eliminated. If you find that your skirt has an unpleasant smell you'd like to get rid of, soak your skirt in a mixture of Baking Soda and water at a 1:4 ratio. Soak for 4 hours to overnight. Machine wash as directed in the last section. Machine dry on low heat or line dry outside. If this method of soaking and washing does not completely remove the scent, repeat the Baking Soda soak and add 1/2 Cup of distilled white vinegar to your machine wash cycle.

How To Remove Stains

How to treat stains on your skirt

Close up of a red sari wrap skirt folded on a white background with a small dark stain on the fabric

If you find a stain on your skirt, treat it as soon as possible using a stain remover. If a typical household laundry stain remover doesn't work, try a combination of vinegar and baking soda, or even nail polish remover for tougher stains. Always follow a stain remover with a typical wash cycle.

How To Fix Holes

Close up of a Sari Wrap Skirt in purple with small holes, sitting on a white background

Did you find a tiny hole in your skirt? Bust out the sewing needle and (matching, if possible) thread and use some basic stitches to patch up the hole.

Close up of a white with red pattern Sari Wrap Skirt with a small tear, folded on a white background

If you have a larger hole, you can use an iron-on or sew-on patch to fill in the space. Get creative with colorful patches, or keep it neutral with something more basic!

How To Fix Loose Threads

If you find a loose thread hanging from the fabric of your skirt, it's safe to simply cut it off! These skirts are tightly woven so there is no danger in snipping a small thread hanging down. 

Wear Your Skirt With Pride!

Now that you know how to care for your beautiful Sari Wrap Skirt, you can wear it with confidence. Knowing that your skirt is made of recycled materials, and has been handmade by artisans employed by a Fair Trade co-op, you can feel good about your wardrobe and take pride in your outfits!

You can learn more ways to care for your skirt HERE!

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