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How Knitting and Other Crafting Helps Overcome Addictions to Technology

Yes, I am using technology right now to type this blog post about escaping from digital addictions!  I mean, how else would I find you out there while you are clicking through your email, googling to find out that Static Electricity Day is January 9th, sliding through all those gorgeous photos of the new baby in the family, while preparing for that virtual meeting in 10 minutes?

If I were to send you a smoke signal, write you a paper and pen letter, or call you on the phone, it just ain't gonna get to you. So here goes! Technology addiction is a real thing according to and while I agree that some people are obsessed, I luckily can break away from it. I know that real happiness and real stress-free moments come from crafting projects for many of us.

Necklace made of turquoise beads, brown cord, and a brass bird charm sitting on a white canvas surface

We know that stress is detrimental to all of us. Living in a world of instant internet means that work, free time, and communication can and does become technology based. Slow the pace by choosing (and choosing is key here) to work on that necklace kit you want to create?  Choose to relax and watch your stress level drop along with your blood pressure!

Take time to look through patterns and just contemplate whether you are going to try that pattern, or maybe you prefer the idea of a kit where you can get everything you need; pattern and fibers make that easy for you! 

Multicolored pastel ball of yarn on a white background

Grab a movie, audio-book, or a glass of wine and knit, it's that simple! Again, you are choosing how to spend your time! Cuddle up with Unicorn Snuggle yarn and enjoy! Here's one person's story of crafting and breaking away from the overload of digital device obsession courtesy of Through her knitting, she is finding focus!

Plan! Not only the project and the fibers, but time! Yes, it's easy to drown in the technology we so desperately feel we need. Here at Darn Good Yarn we believe in retreating from the every day. To do that, you may need or want to set aside time that is device free to pick up those needles and breathe!

It might sound silly, but sometimes we need reminders to break away from the screen; when my step-son was young, he had a timer to help him manage his computer time.  It was an easy solution so figure out what helps you with technology habits and honor yourself with the joy of creativity.

Creativity brings happiness, challenges, and avenues for brain connectivity in a whole new avenue.  Yes, technology is essential to the world we live in and a huge part of Darn Good Yarn. Find that balance between using technology and getting back to the crafts and hobbies that bring you so much happiness.

No, I am not going to drop you a note. This is how we communicate, work, and play! I know technology matters to all of us. This is a reminder to check your online calendar, negotiate what matters, and block out chunks for crafting. Let's put it in perspective and retreat from the everyday!

Multicolored ball of fuzzy yarn with a white Darn Good Yarn label sitting on a white surface