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How Joining a Knitting Club Changed Me


Clubs! Sometimes the word suggests something private, elite, or exclusive. Well, not for knitters and crafters! I would love to encourage  you to join a knitting club and want to share what a wonderful experience that can be.

As a librarian, I have collaborated with others on a multiplicity of projects, primarily literacy based, but many have been community based; in other words, why not a knitting club at the library to bring more people into the community space! This I have done for years but only a few years back did I actually become part of a knitting group.

Kindness was the primary reason for joining the group! Whether a beginner or expert, knitters love to be together and share this common crafting love and are totally supportive of each other. This is far more than working on projects, as the friendly atmosphere in these "clubs" is fantastic. At the Darn Good co-ops, you will see such comradary with the women working on handspun yarns! We love the spirit of community that being together creates!

7 skeins of yarn in ROYGBV colors all with white Darn Good Yarn labels arranged on a white background

Secondly, I love fiber! It's inspiring to see what fibers others are using and how! I may not always agree with color or pattern, but find it fascinating to see what others combine! Getting into a knitting club opens up the possibilities! Besides, there can never be too many fibers!

Teal knitted scarf rolled onto a white background

I also love talking about patterns and it's amazing what a resource your knitting club can be. Thinking about a new lace shawl? Or want to try a warm and wooly winter hat? Members of your knitting club will get you thinking of pattern options and conjure up more ideas for your next project!

Beginner or pro, knitters love to help others. We not only do projects like chemo caps, Linus blankets, or afghans for the elderly, we thrive on teaching others. The passion for our crafts leads easily to teaching a beginner how to cast on or working at a higher lever to work through a tricky stitch combination.

And here is another person's knitting club story from that will give you more thoughts on knitting club. Whether knit, crochet, or other crafts, the real intent is getting together, sharing ideas, and time! I guess the word that keeps coming to mind is not "club", but community!

Multicolored abstract watercolor painting with black text that reads 'Darn Good Yarn, Retreat From the Everyday'

So, have I really changed in going to a knitting club? I truly have! I find myself to be more stress-free, more patient, and more passionate than ever about fiber. Knitting club is my place of worship I guess you could say. I find the kindness and joy of creating bubbles right over into my day to day.

3 women of different age groups sitting at a white dining table while working on a knitting project

Get to your library and ask where there's a knitting club or a crochet club or a craft club! Maybe start something at your senior center! If there isn't one in town, it's time to start one! It won't take a lot of efforts and the rewards are amazing! Darn Good, you might say!

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