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How Do You Change Yarn When Crocheting?

Written by Kate Curry

Single colored products can be stunning, with the piece focused on a simple color and intricate stitches. But sometimes you need some color in your life! Changing yarn mid-project is actually super simple. Once you have done it a few times, you’ll be switching colors left and right! 

This method can be done with any type of yarn and any type of stitch! 

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Step 1: When you are working on the last row/round before your color change and you are on your last stitch- DO NOT YARN OVER! Drop that yarn ! 

Step 2: Using your new colored yarn, attach it to your crochet hook above your old yarn. 

Step 3: Pull the new color through your old yarn loops and chain 1 - or however many chains you need at  the end of your row. Continue working the pattern as written with your brand new colors! Don’t forget to snip off and weave in the ends of the original color you were using! 

Here are some great multi-colored projects for your viewing pleasure!!

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