Home Decor Yarn Projects

Hello again fellow Darn Good Yarners! We are back this week with another blog for you. With the cold weather around the corner, most people are starting to change up their home decor to make it cozy for winter. We are here to share with you our Top 6 DIY home decor ideas- yarn related of course. 

1. Knitted Floor Rug

Anyone else want to kick off their shoes after a long day of work? This knitted floor rug will give you the comfort you deserve and style you've been looking for! Now, how to go about making this beauty... 

Darn Good Yarn's Cotton Core Spun Alpaca is the place to start. This thick yarn is perfect for making rugs- not to mention how soft it is! Check out the rug you could make this winter below!


Cast on 41 stitches.

Wrong Side (WR): Knit

Right Side (RS): *K1, slip 1, repeat from * to last stitch, K1

Repeat previous 2 rows until piece measures about 41 inches or until desired length, ending with a WS row.

Bind off loosely and weave in your ends.

2. Ottoman Cover

Now that you have your fancy dancy new knit rug, you obviously need an ottoman to put your feet up on! 

I would suggest a bulky weight yarn for this project as well- Darn Good Yarn's Cotton Core Spun Alpaca would be suitable. Here is one ottoman cover I think you might like! This specific pattern cost $5 through Ravelry, but I'm sure you could find a free one if you search hard enough.

Pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/01-seed-s...

3. Knit Bedspread with Matching Pillow

This is one of my personal favorites. There's nothing better than snuggling up in your bed on a chilly night. Here is one fantastic pattern to go with the bedspread below.

Pattern: http://www.finecraftguild.com/wp-content/uploads/2...


4. Wall Hangings

Not everything has to be knit or crocheted! You can make some beautiful wall hangings with everyday supplies in your home. Any yarn that is appealing to your eye would work best in this situation. My suggestion would be Darn Good Yarn's Lux Adventure, simply for its beautiful bold colors. 

Pattern: http://www.homeyohmy.com/diy-modern-yarn-hanging/


5. Holiday Wreath

This wreath will add beautiful decoration and show off your creative side. Darn Good Yarn's Hemp would be perfect for the balls in the wreath. Our hemp comes in all different colors so you can pick and choose your color scheme.

Pattern: http://cherishedbliss.com/yarn-ball-wreath-tutoria...


6. Weaving Wall Hanging

Our final home decor project involves you heading outside to find some sticks first! You are going to want to find some small solid branches and then tie all the different branches together (hemp would work perfectly). Once you gather your sticks, then comes the weaving! For the yarn, I suggest using either Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Silk Yarn or Darn Good Yarn's Chiffon Ribbon. Depending on if you want more intricate work or just bright colors will depend which yarn you choose. Start weaving and your project should turn out something like this!


There you have it! Darn Good Yarn's Top 6 DIY Home Decor Projects for the winter!

xoxo Darn Good Yarn Girls