Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids from Randi at Dukes and Duchesses

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Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids from Randi at Dukes and Duchesses

The holiday season is the perfect time for kids to get crafty and creative and yarn is a great supply for all kinds of craft projects! With the wide range of colors and textures, kids can have lots of fun creating handmade gifts, cute decorations, or even fun things to wear! With just a few simple supplies, kids can whip up a yarn Santa or snowman necklace or ornament to wear throughout the holiday season or gift to a friend. It would even make a great holiday party craft idea!

 Before You Begin, You Will Need: 

- One DGY Rainbow Lux Adventure Yarn Sample Card

- One DGY Perfect Cotton T-Shirt Yarn Sample Card

- One DGY Over the Rainbow Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn Sampler Card 


To make these yarn necklaces, you'll need metal rings from the craft store, tiny white pom poms, yarn in a variety of colors and textures {the yarn samplers work really well for these projects}, ribbon, a wooden skewer or tooth pick, and hot glue.  If parents won't be around to help with the hot glue, kids can use craft glue instead.



Let's start with the Santa necklace!



For the Santa necklace, you'll need red and white yarn, one metal ring, and small white pom poms.


Cut pieces of red yarn about 10-12 inches in length to create Santa's hat.



Fold the piece in half and loop it around the metal ring ...



... then pull the ends through the loop to attach it to the ring.



Repeat until half of the ring is covered in red yarn.



Pull the yarn pieces up like a hat and tie a piece of yarn around the pieces to hold them together.



Using the same technique, cover the lower half of the ring with white yarn for Santa's beard.



Use glue to attach small pom poms along the edge of the hat then tie a piece of yarn to the back of the hat to tie around the child's neck.


Just a few simple steps to create a really cute necklace or ornament for the holiday season!



Ready for another version?


The snowman necklace is equally cute and just as simple to make.



You'll need three small rings, yarn in any color for the hat, white yarn for the body of the snowman, and a small skewer cut to a length of about one inch.



Using the same technique used to make the Santa necklace, attach yarn to the top of one ring to create the hat.  Glue the skewer piece across the back of the yarn ...



... the fold it over the skewer, glue the ends onto the skewer, and trim the excess.  Glue another piece of yarn across the hat to create a brim.



Glue the end of a piece of white yarn onto the metal ring right next to the red yarn and wrap the remainder of the ring then hot glue the end to attach.




Repeat with the other two rings and the white yarn, glue the three rings together, then use a small piece of ribbon and glue to add a little belt around the snowman's middle.



Attach a piece of yarn to the back of the hat so kids can wear it as a necklace or hang it as an ornament.


Just a few supplies and you have a couple of seasonal kids crafts that the kids will love! What are your kids making this holiday season?

These awesome holiday kids crafts were brought to us by Randi Check out her website for more great DIY project ideas!