Helping Women Refugees in New Hampshire: Necklaces, Scarves, and Hope - Darn Good Yarn

I really love what I do. How many people can truly say that about their job? But Darn Good Yarn really isn't a job. It's an opportunity to share what I love to like-minded people, help people who sorely need it, and make globally conscious decisions about preventing silk waste from going to landfills. Everyone who makes a purchase at Darn Good Yarn supports a life halfway across the world. Did you know that we support people in our own nation too? We help keep local post offices open and employ local help periodically. And we also help out refugees.

Katherine Berube has been assisting refugees from Burma in New Hampshire. These women were displaced from their homes for twenty years, and lived as urban refugees in Malaysia. Many have since moved to New Hampshire and have gone through the various phases of culture shock as they adjust to life in America. Katherine helps them by providing work making everything from necklaces to scarves. They use DGY's reclaimed sari ribbon for most of their projects:

I wonder what she's getting ready to make. :) Here is an example of some of the necklaces they make. Katherine told me that they sell out of these really quickly..I can see why!:

Absolutely gorgeous! Here's a sweet picture of one of the little ones:

Isn't she just the cutest thing? I love that they are working with yarn which supports women like themselves. The love is going 'round and 'round. Would you like to read more about their story? You can read more here: Project Overview - Giving Hope to Women Refugees


Nicole Snow, President of Darn Good Yarn