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Helpful Tips For Knitting Beginners

Well hello there!

Are you looking to start knitting? Well, I'm here to help! 

Many people don't know this little known fact but when I started Darn Good Yarn, I didn't know anything about knitting. Now, I run the best yarn company!

So, let me outline from handy tips when knitting as a beginner.

When I started out YouTube and were saviors. Today though there are wonderful resources on too. The cool thing with that website is that you can reply portions on repeat until you master the move. 

The next tip is to find some easy patterns. A great place to start is This site is like the Facebook for knitters and crocheters. Check it out! 

From there try a pattern out. As you get to places you don't understand, use the online resources above. I promise you can find the right video for your problem!

Is online not your thing? Find a local yarn shop and take an in-person class. It will be a worthwhile investment in yourself and if you hung up you have someone right there to help you out!

My last BIG beginner knitting tip is this... use yarn that is variegated and thick at first. Check out this sort of yarn It is so marvelous because you can see your stitches, you get to play with a rainbow of colors and your first swatches work up quickly!

So that's it. I hope these beginner knitting tips will get you started down the fun road! You can totally do it! I know so many self-taught knitters (including me!). Take it one stitch at a time!

With love,




woman smiling and holding her yarn scarf