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Help Us Make An Impact In 2020

December 05, 2019 2 min read

image of woman creating yarn, with orange and pink graphics and text that says "meet bi shannaz ara"

Meet Bi Shannaz Ara

"My life is difficult as I am a widow. I stay with my mother but cannot be a burden on her as I also have a four-year-old child. There is an acute shortage of regular work as I have little professional skills.  However, the introduction of ribbon stitching and related yarn work has come like an elixir of life for me. Now without any harsh working conditions, I can earn quite a lot per day. I take care of my child at the same time and provide him food and medical care at a satisfactory level. My plight has inspired other women of my locality and seeing the change in my life they too are attempting to get this job as it is safe and like a regular cottage industry job. It has the potential of changing the lives of rural women and children."

Because of you, Darn Good Yarn has been able to help people like her and make an impact in their life. Our goal for 2020 is to employ 5 more women who are in desperate need of sustainable employment.

How to help:

In Nepal and India, where some people live on less than $2 a day, moving out of poverty is often only possible when charities step in. Darn Good Yarn was started because we believe in providing empowerment to these people—specifically, the ones who face gender and caste discrimination every day. In Darn Good Yarn’s case, empowerment comes from creating marvelous, high-quality yarn from reclaimed materials. The people we work with are not only supporting themselves but their families as well.

This year we want to focus on giving back and we need your help.

For every 1,000 new subscribers to our Yarn of the Month Club, we can employ 1 artisan for an entire year. Consider subscribing or gifting a subscription to someone in your life!

Your membership includes way more than just a monthly project!
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