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Handcrafted Halloween Horrors

Walking around our neighborhoods and favorite shopping centers during October, we see all sorts of spooky and and scary sights. With the arrival of Halloween, the number one goal for many people is to strike fear in the to the hearts of observers with their monster and grave yard-themed decor. However, there are some of us who are not afraid because we have seen much worse. There are those of us who have braved much worse terrors, and those terrors were created by the works of our own hands. Who are we? We are the knitters and crocheters who, through the process of learning new techniques and the outside factors that can effect our yarn projects, have seen some truly horrifying yarn mishaps that can never be unseen. 

We've asked you to tell us about some of your worst yarn horror stories, and many of you have responded with truly bone-chilling tales! Here are some of the most terrifying yarn horror stories from Darn Good Yarn Customers! 

1. The Yarn Eating Monster Cat

If you own pets, you know that pet ownership is a role full of highs and lows. Sometimes your pet is the best choice you've ever made but other times, like this customer's cat, they can become a yarn eating monster. Here's @icraft2staysane 's story. 

Text box with a long story about someone's blocked sweater getting ruined by cat puke

 2. Cat Burglar 

If your pet is not a yarn eating monster, perhaps they are a thief. If so, maybe yo can relate to this harrowing experience that @threerabityarns had. We admire her perseverance in completing her project despite the odds! 

Text box with long story about someone's hand-dyed skein of yarn was stolen by a neighbor's cat

3. Wild Ware-Puppy

Pet-related yarn mishaps are not the fault of cats alone. Dogs are also often the culprits of knitting project wreckage. As a dog owner I can attest to the fact that many dogs, including my own, think that every ball is a toy for them to play with. This includes yarn balls that you've spent hours winding! For this reason, I feel deep sympathies for @teaganandlu when I read her dismal story involving a red sweater.

Text box with long story about someone's partially knit sweater getting ruined by their new puppy

4. Creation of a Black Hole 

The worst kind of yarn mishaps can happen when we believe that a project is all done, and then make the terrible discovery that there is some glaring mistake that ruins the whole thing. We've all been there. This is Kathey Koziol's story about discovering a hungry black hole in her newly washed shawl. 

Text box with long story about someone's new shawl was ruined in the wash by an unraveled dropped stitch

5. Morphed Monstrosity 

Have you ever spent a serious chunk of time on a project only to discover that the finish project is not what you intended it to be? Perhaps it looks nothing like the pattern, or just like a contorted blob shape. Though there is a happy ending to this horror story, Kate Hall shared an experience like this with us. 

Text box with long story about someone shaking out a brand new knit full sized blanket and it unraveling into a long throw

6. Tangled Terror

Leah Reye's story may be the most relatable of all. Tangled yarn is a specter that haunts every knitter at one time or another. The strands become twisted and woven together like the branches an vines of a dark and spooky forest, impossible to get through. Here is Leah's account of her scream-worthy struggle.

image of a tangled mess of pink yarn strung over a wooden chair and a text box with a long story about lace weight eyelash yarn being so tangled it was nearly unusable

7. "Babe, I've Got This"

Have you ever has a skein of yarn so tangled that even two people could not untangle it? @a_trachoo has. Though her story is, indeed, terrifying, it gave us a laugh too. :) 

Text box with a long story about someone's store bought yarn being tangled for over a month, even with her husband's help.

We hope that you've enjoyed our customer stories and that they have encouraged you in the knowledge that all yarn-crafters have moments of struggle. Don't have nightmares! Despite that horrors that come along with yarn creation,we know that the benefits outweigh the trials. 

Happy crafting and Happy Halloween from us at Darn Good Yarn!