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Gifts For Expert Crocheters

Written by Kate Curry

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the expert crocheter in your life but you have no idea where to start? Not to fear, we’re here to help you with a few amazing options! 

Yarn of the Month® Club Monthly Subscription

An Indian woman wearing a white sari and a black face mask stands in front of a shelf filled with packaged yarn. She's holding up a cake of green and yellow yarn, who's purple tag is taking up a good portion of the image.

Would your crocheter love to experiment with handmade artisanal yarn that will show up on their doorstep each month? Our yarn of the month is perfect for both beginners and experts who love to have fun with their fiber and be surprised each month.

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

On a white background, 11 different colored ergonomic crochet hooks are laid out.

THESE HANDS GET TIRED! Crocheters can get some nasty hand cramps, so get them a case of ergonomic crochet hooks to help them out. You can never have too many comfy hooks! 

Novelty Yarn

12 different solid skeins of worsted weight yarn are sitting in a circle on a white background.

Yarn is always in short supply with expert crocheters, no matter how many skeins we have in stock! We’re always on the prowl for new fibers, textures, and colors that will catch eyes and make a statement. We have tons of funky colors and types of yarn that experts love! 

Advanced Crochet Kits

A woman with long black hair and wearing a creamsicle orange jumpsuit has her arms outstretched, showing off her blue crocheted shawl. She's standing in front of a rock formation in a gorgeous open field with large trees in the distance.

Our kits come with all the yarn and instructions needed to finish our amazing projects! We have tons of kits, ranging from beginner to advanced. Make sure your expert isn’t bored and get them something that will keep their attention! 

Gift Cards

Two darn good yarn gift cards, one mint green and the other a soft purple, are laying on a soft gray marble tabletop.

If you’re truly at a loss, you can never go wrong with a gift card! Fiber artists go through a ton of fiber and are always on the lookout for new notions that can help increase their crocheting knowledge!

Make your gift super eco friendly with eco-friendly gift wrapping-- don’t hurt the earth when you spread joy!

Meet the Author

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Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.