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Gift Ideas for the Sagittarius in Your Life

Written by Kate Curry

Sagittarius time is among us and it is so darn cold! Sagittariuses aren’t afraid to go out and explore the cold, and neither should you! Going boldly where no one has gone before is kind of a Sagittarius’ whole thing…so maybe you should get them a little something before they’re off on their next adventure. 

What Type of Sign is A Sagittarius?

A purple and blue image that asks 'what is a Sagittarius'.

Born from November 22dn to December 21st, Sagittariuses are symbolized by a half-human half-horse archer, their bow drawn to shoot. Sagittariuses are passionate, adaptable, idealistic, honest, and blunt.

Associated with Jupiter, the planet of abundance matches this mutable sign. Sagittariuses sure do have an abundance of passion, bluntness, and wanderlust. But this natural attraction towards change and abundance can lead to a few brutally honest slip ups and impatience. 

The last fire sign, Sagittariuses are known as a mutable sign, which means that they are more often adaptable and flexible than their other fiery comrades. Fire signs, which also include Aries and Leo, are commonly associated with:

  • Artistic & Creative 
  • Brave 
  • Passionate 
  • Independent 
  • Confident 
  • Explorative 

Sagittariuses are sometimes seen as a violent sign, due to their association with the weapon, but that cannot be further from the truth. Sagittariuses are fun loving philosophers that would much rather exercise their mind than be violent towards anyone or anything!

What Are The Characteristics of Sagittarius?

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I like to call Sagittariuses the Captain Kirks of the zodiac. They’re always boldly going somewhere, charming everyone, and can be a little bit of an idealist. These centaurs love to be challenged and always seem to find themselves drawn towards adventure, whether it be an educational, spiritual, artistic, or traveling adventure. Sure, sometimes in their travels they can come off as a know it all, but those misunderstandings are due to their lack of communication - but they’ll come around eventually!  

If you want to tempt a Sagittarius, you need to give them a challenge. They don’t find inspiration or passion in the average, every-day things. They need a deep seeded urge that they’re going to overcome something with their actions. They’re a huge fan of being the literal trailblazing arrow! 

Sagittarius  Celebrities

  • Gabby Kernozek from Team DGY
  • Brad Pitt
  • Tyra Banks
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Brendan Fraser
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Miley Cyrus

Best Gifts For A Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Color Palette

  • Deep Blues (strong, focused, and idealistic blues to match their vibes) 
  • Spiritual Purples (soft, whimsical purples to remind them of their love of philosophy) 
  • Challenging Reds (deep, burning reds to rekindle their passion and love of a challenge) 

Sagittarius Birthstones

  • Turquoise
  • Blue Agate
  • Amethyst 
  • Green Aventurine 

Not that they need much help in this department, but Turquoise will help your Sagittarius be candid and honest with their communication, feelings, and actions.

Blue agate is one of my favorite stones for everyone - but especially for Sagittariuses. Bringing vibes of calm, protection, and relaxation that all Sagittariuses need after a stressful day of philosophizing! 

With all the adventures they go on, Sagittarius could use a little protection and balance! Amethyst is the perfect crystal for these passionate travelers to keep on-hand for those trips that just seem to drag on forever. 

Everyone that travels needs a good luck charm and green aventurine is the best one for Sagittariuses! The gem of good fortune, new beginnings, and alternative possibilities will exchange your Sagittariuses’ mutable nature. 

Before you start ahead on your gifting journey, I have a few more tidbits for you to know about the lovely Sagittariuses! Sagittariuses love freedom, traveling, deep thinking, and being challenged. They dislike being constrained, close minded, and playing it safe! Keep these thoughts in mind while you’re on the gift hunt! 

The Sagittarius Gift Guide

Darn Good™ Sari Wrap Skirts - Discovery 3-Pack

A woman wearing a colorful sari wrap skirt and a bright white sweater.

Give your archer the  gift of a fashion adventure with our discovery pack! After selling thousands of skirts since 2008, we know that finding the perfect  skirt has everything to do with experimenting and appreciating your body type. This is why Darn Good™ created its “Discovery Pack”. A starter kit for all explorers of our luxury skirts - and your Sagittarius will love exploring these skirts! Also, these skirts are perfect to pack away for traveling!

Sari Silk Fanny Pack

A person wearing a blue tie die kaftan is holding up a bright red and gold sari silk fanny pack.

It’s time to pack up for the next adventure with our one-of-a-kind sari silk fanny packs! Your Sagittarius  will love this 100% repurposed bag that comes in fun patterns and vibrant colors of sari silk that will add a pop of personality to any look. It’s totally adjustable and can hold a TON of traveling necessities.

Handmade Picnic Umbrella

A person is covering themselves up with a multicolored, brightly colored embellished and embroidered umbrella

Bring your Sagittarius on a gorgeous picnic in the woods or a day at the beach with this handmade embellished and embroidered umbrella. It’s important to stay sun-safe while you’re adventuring with your buddy! 

Yarn of the Month® Club

Multiple skeins of colorful, twisted, and sparkly handmade sari silk yarn. Needles, hooks, buttons, and scissors are poking out the sides of the background.

Give your Sagittarius a fiber adventure with our Yarn of the Month club! Each month they will enjoy eco-friendly premium recycled yarn and creative inspiration delivered right to their door!

Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag

A person wearing a black shirt is holding a teal storage bag, stuffed with yarn and notions

If your Sagittarius is always on the go they’ll be needing something to keep their crafts with them! This deluxe bag will help them keep their crafting goodies nice, neat, and organized while they’re boldly going…wherever they want to go next! 

Intermediate Crafting Kits

A woman with long dark hair is turned away from the camera, but is twisting her shoulders and head around to smile at the camera. She's wearing jeans, a yellow shirt, and an ombre purple triangular shawl.

Give your Sagittarius a creative challenge by grabbing them a crafting kit on the more difficult side. They will enjoy the thrill of a difficult task that will create something stunning! 

Mystery Yarn Grab Bag

2 recycled sari silk bags filled with assorted yarn in front of a white background with greenery around.

Give your Saggitarus a grand old mystery with our mystery yarn grab bags! Let them go on their own creative adventure with some stunning hand dyed recycled silk yarn. They will have enough yarn to craft while they’re thinking away about the important things in life.

Seconds & Surplus Aanya Short Kaftan

Two women are wearing brightly colored kaftans on the sidewalk of a city.

Give your favorite idealist a gorgeous recycled kaftan that helps the planet! Seconds and Surplus: Just like the name implies, these kaftans are what we call our seconds or surplus inventory. They are tunics that may have been missed by our extensive quality control checks performed by our artisans and/or by our warehouse team. The fun of a mystery is being surprised each time! 

Yarn Packs Specifically For Sagittariuses 

Four skeins of different handmade silk yarn, slightly unwound out of their cakes.

We have two different yarn packs that are specifically designed for Saggitaruses! Our zodiac and solar system packs in Sagittarius and Jupiter will wow your Sagittarius with their soothing colors and delicious handmade yarn!

Gift Card 

Two darn good yarn gift cards, one mint green and the other a soft purple, are laying on a soft gray marble tabletop.

Sometimes the best adventure is the one you choose for yourself! 


Sagittariuses can be a bit of a challenge themselves, but it’s worth it to have them in your life to add some adventure! They can help you think in ways you never thought you could and see things you’d never imagine! No matter what you get them, the fact that you took up the challenge will mean the world to your Sagittarius! 

Three different boxes, which have been wrapped in different colored (yellow, tan, orange/teal) furoshiki reusable gift wrapping.

Make your gift super eco friendly with -- don’t hurt the earth when you spread joy!

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