Gift Guide for Teachers

Written by Kate Curry

Teachers are some of the most important people in our society. Who else can we trust to teach our kids and make sure that they're prepared for the future? When it comes to appreciation, especially nowadays, teachers need some love! If you're looking for the perfect gift for the teacher in your life, this gift guide will help you!

P.S.- I married a teacher and this gift guide is teacher approved!

1. Sari Wrap Skirt - Neutral Tones

Teachers deserve to relax and don't always have a ton of time to pull together an outfit before they have to rush off to school. Our Zen sari wrap skirts are the perfect gift! Coming in a range of calming neutral shades that are ultra-easy to match with other colored tops or sweaters. These skirts can be worn as skirts, dresses, shawls, and tops, making this single piece of clothing super versatile!

A girl with dark hair, a light blue top, and a sandy-tan colored sari wrap skirt is lounging on a tan couch with a mug in her hand.
Zen skirts come in shades of tan, brown, white, gray, and other neutral shades

2. Rainbow Oasis: Recycled Sari Curtain Drapes

Always on the hunt for classroom decorations, these rainbow oasis drapes are PERFECT! Each drape is brightly colored and one-of-a-kind, making a drab classroom a little bit friendlier!

A deep brown chair is placed in a room with pale yellow walls and tan carpet. Behind the chair, the large windows are decorated with multicolored rainbow oasis recycled sari curtain drapes.
Doesn't that look calming?

3. Aanya Adjustable Short Tunic

These short tunics are a godsend. They are made out of reclaimed sari fabric and are one-of-a-kind. Super soft and easy to dress up or down, these tunics are also machine washable, so if those silly students start a food fight, cleanup will be a breeze!
A pale woman with red hair is wearing a gold and green silk kaftan dress.
Tunics can be worn for work or for after-school partying

4. Sari Silk Medley Scarf

These scarves are amazing. Made out of reclaimed sari silk, these paneled scarves are one-of-a-kind and can be worn and accessorized in a bunch of ways. These scarves are the perfect gift for someone you don't know well, too. If you're looking for a gift for your child's teacher - you can't go wrong with one of these silky babies.
A smiling woman with dark hair is wearing an orange-pink-golden sari medley scarf as a hair wrap on the beach.
Check out all the ways to wear the scarves here

5. Editor's Boxes

Editor's Boxes are some of our best-loved boxes. Crafters all around the world have adored and given 5 stars to these funky little boxes. Crammed packed with yarn, notions, and other crafting goodies, no one in their right mind would turn their nose up at an editor's box!
A person wearing a blue plaid shirt is holding out a black DGY box that reads 'A World of Exotic Textures & Colors Inside' with a bunch of yarn popping out of the top of the box.
You can pick which box your teacher would adore!

6. Fiber Fantasy Bundles

These fiber fantasy bundles are a huge hit! We released these during the holidays and they were so popular we have kept them on the site! These bundles come with 24 skeins of handmade silk yarn that our artisans in co-ops in India create. Right now, our fiber fantasy bundles are also on sale - you can get buy 1 and get 1 free if you use the code: FREEYARN
A white background with 'Buy 1 Get 1 Sale' with four different types of multicolored sari silk yarn behind the text.
Who doesn't love a BOGO deal!?

7. Amara Long Recycled Sari Duster

These dusters bring a dash of flair to any teacher's closet. Made out of reclaimed sari fabric, these one-of-a-kind dusters look classy when worn over a simple black top and black bottoms. What teacher doesn't love a simple outfit that looks elegant?
A woman with curly red hair is twirlng while wearnig a blue and purple amara long recycled sari duster. The woman's body is facing away from the camera towards the white fabric backdrop, but the woman has her head turned towards the camera.
One of a kind, just like your teacher

8. Boho Tapestry Wall Hangings

Teachers are always on the hunt for decorations to pep up their classrooms. No teacher likes a dull classroom! Our boho tapestry wall hangings bring a mix of bright color and soothing images that would bring some much needed TLC to a classroom!
A woman with long curly hair is wearing an orange top. She is leaning over a wooden deck, where a green tapestry depicting a detailed tree hangs off the top of the deck.
We love our tapestries and your teacher will too

9. Yarn Of the Month Subscription

If the teacher in your life is wild about yarn and cares about the planet, our Yarn of the Month Subscription is the perfect gift! This monthly subscription comes with one skein of yarn that is made by our artisans in India and helps support over 600 of those very same artisans. Each subscription comes with a free digital pattern coupon code and a few other awesome perks. Teachers will love being able to learn about new yarn while taking some much needed time for themselves.
Two Indian artisans are sitting by a pile of multicolored sari fabric that will be spun into yarn.
Teachers will love learning how their subscription is helping people around the world!

10. Gift Cards!

If you're stumped, you can never go wrong with a gift card! Teachers love a good gift card. Honestly, teachers are happy with any gifts and they deeply appreciate any thought that you put behind their gift!
Two Darn Good Yarn E-gfit cards, one seafoam green and one lilac, are placed on a light gray marble background.
If you've met a person that says they don't like gift cards, you've met a liar!

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