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Furoshiki - The Best Alternative to Wrapping Paper

Written by Kate Curry

Furoshiki is a Japanese word, and a traditional Japanese practice in which different sized cloths are used to wrap and carry items. Furoshiki is still commonly used throughout Japan, and the rest of the world is catching on too! Furoshiki are the perfect sustainable alternative to wrapping paper when it comes to birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. The simple piece of cloth can be used to wrap up an assortment of different sized or shaped items– and the best part is they’re reusable! 

The furoshiki you receive from Darn Good Yarn began their lives as saris, we then recycled the fabric to create these beautiful, sustainable, and multipurpose cloths. Each furoshiki comes with a handy instruction card which will help you wrap any gift perfectly. The cards also describe some of the many other ways furoshiki cloths can be used in your daily life; like headbands, scarves, and more! When you give a gift wrapped in furoshiki, you’ll be making a lasting impact for the recipient and the planet!

Photo of other ways to wear furoshiki. Woman wearing pink sari furoshiki as a belt, orange sari furoshiki as a headband and a bag with an accent tie. Overlay reads Reuse Rewrap Reimagine!
Darn Good Yarn Furoshiki: So much more than just ecofriendly gift-wrapping!

Click the gift wrapping button at checkout to have Darn Good Yarn wrap your purchase with a reusable one of a kind furoshiki cloth, wrap it yourself with this 5-pack!, or order the 5-pack of furoshiki gift wrapping and have us gift wrap your gift wrapping (yes, we'll do that).

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap checkbox at checkout
Look for the Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Checkbox at Cart

How to Reuse Your Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Darn Good Yarn includes a handy instructional card with each Furoshiki and/or Gift Wrap purchase. In case you lose that card or just want to learn more, we've included the instructions in this blog.

Darn Good Yarn - Reduce, Reuse, Rewrap Instructions for Furoshiki Cloth - Page 1 showing headband instructions, bottle wrap instructions, and gift bag instructions + the History of Furoshiki.
Furoshiki - Reduce, Reuse, Rewrap - Pg. 1
Darn Good Yarn - Reduce, Reuse, Rewrap Instructions for Furoshiki Cloth - Page 2 showing alternate headband instructions, gift bag instructions and gift wrapping instructions + the history of Darn Good Yarn.
Furoshiki - Reduce, Reuse, Rewrap - Pg. 2

Download the Furoshiki Instructions in PDF (e.g. to print them yourself).

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