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Flatter Your Body: 5 Flattering Sari Skirt Styles for the Plus Sized Woman

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Hi everyone!

Recently, a lot of people have been letting us know that the styles we show you for wearing your Sari Skirts are great, but they don't work for your body. And here, we want everyone to feel as gorgeous as they are.

I'm a plus sized woman myself, so I thought I'd put together something for you ladies who haven't found their favorite way to wear their sari skirts, based on how I wear and style them for my body. And while we don't happen to have a plus sized mannequin, hopefully these styles work as well for you as they do for me!

1.The High Waisted Skirt

woman with high waisted sari skirt

So this is the easiest way I find to wear my skirts, short or long. I find the waist line, where I want to accentuate, and wrap away! Layer one edge over another when they cross, and either tie in back with a bow or wherever they end up and tuck in the knot to the waist. This is an easy way to bring attention to your waist, and then let the rest of the beautiful skirt just flow freely. Pair with a black, white, or other neutral top, and maybe a fun sweater to bring the focus to the skirt and balance yourself out so you aren't crazy colorful! 

2. The top or the dress

mannequin wearing a sari skirt as a dress

This is one of my favorites! So you look at the waist line of your skirt, and you should find a couple of small slits, almost like buttonholes. You're going to look for these in a second. Wrap your skirt around behind your shoulders, and across your chest. Shift the skirt as you wrap so that the first "buttonhole" is in the center of your chest. Keep this layer on top, and wrap the ribbons around yourself to meet in the center. Slide them through this buttonhole, one at a time, and then tie the ribbons around your neck, like a halter top. You can either wear this freely, or do what I do and cover up a little with a sweater in neutral tones (this will also let you wear a bra without the straps being super obvious). Pair this with either jeans, or leggings for a comfier fit and you're an instant fashion statement!

3. Faux-Halter Top

mannequin wearing a sari skirt as a dress

So this look is very similar to the previous, with a small change. Sometimes I don't want the tight halter neck, so I choose this finish instead! You follow the instructions to #2, but instead of centering the first buttonhole, balance the two buttonholes so that they're on either side of your chest bone. Then you wrap away again, but cross each over a little further, to the far buttonhole, to create the cool looking fold in the middle. Thread through, and tie like a halter, and you're ready to go with none of the pinch of a traditional halter! For an explanation of that belt, check out...

4. Belt it up!

mannequin wearing a sari skirt as a dress

mannequin wearing a sari skirt as a dress

So this goes back to the idea of accentuating your waist--our skirts look great with anything that makes their colors pop more, so I chose a black piece of our Sari Silk ribbon, wrapped it around the waist, and cinched that in. This would work with the 24" skirt being used as a top, or the 34" being used as a dress following the instructions for either #2 or #3. Wear free, or pair with a sweater to top it all off! (Can you tell I love cardigans?!)

5. Layer Cake style--this is a two part one!

mannequin wearing a sari skirt as a dress

mannequin wearing a sari skirt as a dress

Here's an easy way to show off that beautiful bottom layer to the skirt-- this can also be done by knotting the top skirt, but I always cheat and use a hair tie ;) . So you take the top skirt of the underneath layer, and start bunching it up, all around yourself until you start bunching up the top skirt of the top layer. You then gather the bunches, and use a rubber band, or a hair tie as shown here, and secure it like shown. Then just tuck it underneath so that its comfortable, and there you go! An easy way to show off both the top and bottom skirts of your gorgeous garment.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas about easy and flattering ways to wear your sari skirts, no matter what size your body happens to be! If you have any questions about anything I did here, shoot me an email at kerry@darngoodyarn.com, I'd love to hear from you :)

Until next time!

xoxo Kerry