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Fiber Artists to Follow on Instagram in 2019

I think we can all agree that one of the best sources of creative inspiration is Instagram!  Social media gives us access to artists in a way that we've never had before. When we're looking for new mediums to explore, inspiration for a current project, or some just plain beautiful photos to look at, Instagram is the place to go. For some serious fiber inspiration, check out these incredible artists & give them a follow!

Tapestry Weaving: @maryannemoodie 

Maryanne Moodie tapestry weaver sitting in front of a large weaving loom

Maryanne is one of those fiber artists whose work instantly catches the eye. She works in gorgeous rainbows and rich, muted color palettes that are so inspiring. 

Garment Sewer: @judithdeecreations

Woman wearing a yellow handmade dress and standing in grass in front of a white fence

Do you have the itch to make a handmade wardrobe? Judith of Judith Dee Creations sews her very own clothes that are BEAUTIFUL, stylish, and best of all-- one-of-a-kind! She is the lady to follow for some serious sewing inspo.

Traditional Weaver: @gentlywoven

Close up of wooden weaving loom with mustard and white yarns

For some gorgeous, intricate traditional woven textiles, Donna of Gently Woven is your person. Her weaving creates amazing home textiles that are unlike anything you can purchase from a store. We also love her rich, moody photographs, plus she's also a knitter!


Woman holding a large knitted scarf, wearing black clothing, and standing in front of a white wall

Alison of La Reserve Design is a fiber artist must-follow. Her cozy knit blankets and sweaters are to-die-for and make us crave hot cocoa and autumn weather. Every photo of hers will have you itching to pick up your knitting needles.

Crochet: @lehandmade

Back close up view of woman wearing purple crochet top in front of a white background

One of our very own Crochet influencers, Emilie of Le Handmade serves up some serious crochet inspiration on the regular. She designs beautiful crochet garments, including the Cross Stitch Top pattern she designed just for us! You can shop her pattern & a DIY kit via the button below.

Natural dyeing: @elin_wanderlust

Woman holding a naturally dyed bunting banner in her hand in front of a field of greenery@elin_wanderlust is the person to follow if you're interested in natural dyes. She uses foraged materials to dye simply beautiful textiles in the most inspiring ways. Her work makes us want to dig in the dirt, plant a garden, and use those plants to create new colorful textiles!

Surface Pattern Design (block printing): @jenhewett

Jen Hewett holding a large stack of stamped fabrics in her studio

Block printing is such a fun, creative medium where the possibilities are endless! Jen Hewett is THE woman to follow for block printing inspo. She makes insanely creative printed textiles that are innovative, colorful, and seriously drool-worthy!

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