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FedEx is Filming Darn at Good Yarn!

Hey everyone! Some really cool things have just happened. Remember back when Darn Good Yarn won that $25,000 grant award from FedEx? Well, they're in my living room! Yup, here's me sitting all cool and collected (psst! Look at how tidy my desk is!):

..and look at that, I'm even wearing FedEx colors! Alright, deep breath. It's going to be hectic here with the filming crew, but it's a great way to show a big business how hard small business owners work. I mean, most businesses start out this way, right?

Here they are setting up for the interview:

It feels really official now! Well, I can't post too many behind the scenes pictures right now...I gotta build up the suspense! More pictures can be found on my Facebook page if you haven't already joined me. :)

Oh, and here's a picture at the Agway, just before we start the knitting class! (Yeah, that's the Darn Good Husband in the background there!):

So excited! Stay tuned for more teasers. :D






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