Fathers Day Gift Guide | 2022 - Darn Good Yarn

Fathers Day Gift Guide | 2022

Written by Kate Curry

Happy Father’s Day!

The whole Snow Family in their red headed glory : Nicole, Mike, & their daughter Anna, pose for a picture at the front of a boat. The boat is cruising through some stormy looking water.
Mike: Our Favorite Darn Good Dad!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dad in your life? Whether they made you or made you into who you are today, dads deserve some love! If you’re having a hard time finding a great fathers day gift or gift ideas, don’t worry - we have you covered! 

Whether your dad is a fashion freak or a crafter (don’t believe us that men are crafters? Take a look at this blog) or both, we’ve curated this gift guide to give you a helping hand.

1. One of A Kind Pocket Square

What dad doesn’t love a pocket square? These pocket squares are handmade by our artisans out of reclaimed and recycled sari fabric. Each pocket square is one of a kind and has helped our artisans support themselves and their families.

2. Patchwork Apron

If you’re dad’s a hardcore DIY-er and known for his loud ‘OOPS!’ This apron would be a safe gift! Hand stitched out of reclaimed patchwork material, this apron is colorful so you can’t lose your dad when he’s hidden away in his garage or craft room! 

3. The Kameela Knot Headband

Does your dad have some rockin’ luscious locks? Why not get him a colorful silk headband made out of recycled materials to keep his hair out of his eyes while he’s on the move! 

4.One Of A Kind Silk Neck Tie

If your dad wears a tie everyday like mine does he will adore a one-of-a-kind silk neck tie! These silk ties are made by hand out of the same reclaimed sari silk material that our world famous skirts and yarn are made from! Ultra colorful and one-of-a-kind, these ties are sure to add a pop of color to your dad’s everyday work attire! 

5.Yarn of the Month® Club Monthly Subscription

My favorite subscription service (sure, I’m biased) is our Yarn of the Month club! You can get a subscription for you and your dad so you can craft together while helping artisans all over the world! 

An Indian woman wearing a sparkly orange sari and orange gloves is hand dyeing our sari silk reclaimed yarn on a dyeing grate.
Our subscription community employs hundereds of artisans around the world!

For only $10/mo + S&H, each month your dad will receive:

  • 1 premium, limited release and exclusive handspun skein of darn good yarn delivered every month!

  • Access to an interactive live curated guide of patterns and one FREE pattern of their choosing!

  • Members-only access to a community of like-minded crafters, this group is a great place to ask questions or get inspiration for your next project!

  • Access to Members Only products and product discounts that get delivered with the next shipment.

  • Hassle free subscription management with an easy-to-use subscriber portal without having to pick up the phone or send an email.

  • The ability to skip a month at any time with customizable billing (right from the custom portal)!

  • The lowest shipping rates we offer.

6. Knit Kits!

A triangle of sparkly blue and tan yarn has been knitted up and laid down on a white background. The piece is not finished and a ball of the wound up yarn is resting at the top right of the image.
Lace Weight Silk Yarn in Sparkle Sandy Beach

If your dad is a knitter, he would adore getting a knit knit! Our knit kits come with the yarn and instructions that dad will need to create his newest project! You can sort our knit kits by difficulty and yarn weight so you can find the perfect kit! Take a look at the best selling knit kits! 

7. Crochet Kits!

On a white fabric background lays a stripe of worsted weight watercolors- a thick rainbow colored yarn. Above the crochet rainbow swatch is a cake of the same rainbow yarn and a wooden croceht hook.
Worsted Weight in Watercolors

We can’t forget those crocheting dads! Just like our knit kits, you can sort our crochet kits by difficulty level and yarn weight! Here are some of our most popular crochet kits! 

8. Editor’s Boxes

Not feeling confident in picking out a kit for your dad? No worries, crafters can be really particular! The best (and worst) part about crafters is that they can NEVER get enough yarn. Even if they have a mountain of yarn there’s always room for more! Trust our yarn team and pick out one of our hand picked editor’s boxes! These boxes are jam packed with our best selling yarn and most loved notions and accessories! 

9. Storage Bag Bundles

If your dad is always on the move he needs a bag to carry all his WIPS and yarn! He would adore one of our storage bag bundles! They can fit enough yarn to last the most yarn-crazed crafter for at least a few days! 

10. Gift Cards

Remember what we said about those particular crafters? Yup, they sure can be hard to shop for sometimes! Take some pressure off you and give your dad the gift of picking out his own gift that he’ll love with a darn good yarn gift card! 

Mike, wearing glasses and a blue-white shirt with Anna, with curly red hair and a grey dress with colorful dinosaurs are posing for a picture in the car. Anna's holding up some seriously cute gang signs.
That's a ride-or-die pair right there!

Happy gift hunting and happy fathers day to all the awesome dads out there! 

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