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Everything You Need To Know About Chiffon Ribbon Yarn and How To Use It

Written by Alyssa Scott

Our highly reviewed chiffon ribbon yarn is made from reclaimed chiffon fabric, which is sometimes called silk chiffon. 

A pyramid of reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn. The yarns are multicolored, creating a rainbow pile of gorgeous yarn!
Who wouldn't love a chiffon pile?

Chiffon is a type of fabric that tends to be sheer, or semi sheer, as well as lustrous, and lightweight. Chiffon fabric can be made from a variety of materials including silk, nylon, polyester, and sometimes cotton. The special quality that makes chiffon chiffon is in the weave, to create chiffon fabric threads with alternating directions of twist are woven together. This particular weaving technique gives chiffon fabric its distinctive ‘rough’ texture.

A woven square of chiffon ribbon yarn. The square looks like a lattice and is multicolored.
Reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn is perfect for knitting, crochet, and weaving

Chiffon is commonly used in traditional Indian clothing because of its beautiful and lightweight qualities. Darn Good Yarn collects discarded chiffon fabrics in India that still have a lot of life left in them to be repurposed by skilled artisans into gorgeous skeins of bulky but lightweight yarn! Darn Good Yarn’s chiffon apparel or yarn most often contain a blend of silk and polyester fibers.

This yarn has a lot of interesting qualities, and one of a kind beauty. Will chiffon ribbon yarn work for your next project? Let’s explore together!

Each skein of chiffon ribbon yarn is one of a kind, making each one unique. These one of a kind yarns can be highlighted in a project with some interesting colorwork such as The Covered Bridge Poncho or the Chiffon Ribbon Layering Top. The bulky weight of this yarn means either of these projects will work up in a flash, you can start this project on a Friday and be runway ready by Saturday evening!

A petite redhead is standing by a river and a covered bridge. She's holding up her hand as she poses while wearing a green and orange chiffon poncho.
Our Covered Bridge Poncho can only be worn my covered bridges. Thems the rules!

For smaller projects, check out this Arm Knit Scarf Kit. Reclaimed sari silk chiffon ribbon yarn is perfect for exploring arm knitting, it is not a plied yarn so there is no danger of splitting and its bulky weight is easy to manipulate by hand! A project like this is both quick and cute, plus it’s the perfect accessory for spring, summer, or fall. Because this project does not require any tools, it’s a great choice for beginners. With this kit, you’ll be able to learn the basics of how knitting works. 

Conveniently, if you’re not a fan of the uncertainty of a one of a kind colorway, we also have chiffon ribbon yarn in color specific packs available. 

While chiffon looks very dainty, the fiber content actually makes this fabric quite strong. Chiffon ribbon yarn is sturdy enough to become your go-to companion as you shop, because you can make the most fun and eco friendly Market Tote with just a few skeins!

The DGY Market Tote Kit made out of reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn. The tote bag is on a wooden table and has a pair of wooden knitting needles poking out of the bag.
These market totes are PERFECT and can carry so much yarn!

Chiffon ribbon can also add an extra element of texture and intrigue to your multimedia weaving projects!

There are so many cool things you can create with Chiffon Ribbon Yarn! Don’t wait, claim your skein today!

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