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Everything To Know About Stitch Markers!

Written by Kate Curry

What Are Stitch Markers?

In my opinion, stitch markers are little lifesavers. These markers are used to mark your place in a project, either to mark your place in a row or mark your count of stitches.  Originally, these markers were made for knitting to keep track of rows, but their uses have spread since their creation. 

There are two main types of stitch markers that you can commonly find in craft stores: ring stitch markers and locking pin stitch markers. These markers are made out of plastic or wood and are pretty inexpensive. 

An orange Darn good yarn fabric bag is laid out on a wooden picnic table, multiple fall-themed metal stitch markers also resting on the table.

Are Stitch Markers For Knitting Or Crochet?

These little markers are friends to fiber artists everywhere! Originally made for knitters, ring stitch markers are predominantly used by knitters to keep track of their rows. As a crocheter and weaver, I find myself using locking pin stitch markers to keep track of my stitches, especially when I’m working in the round. 

How To Use Stitch Markers?

Ring stitch markers are little closed hoops that can be slipped onto your knitting needles or yarn. They come in many different materials, but they’re most commonly found to be made of plastic or wood. No matter what type of knitting stitch markers you use, they’re predominantly used by placing the markers on the needles or locking onto your yarn. 

For locking pin stitch markers, which open up like bobby-pins, they can be used by opening the marker up and attaching it to the correct stitch. Super simple!

A blue waffle stitch dish cloth with multiple multicolored stitch markers sticking out of the sides of the washcloth.

Locking pin stitch markers are much more common and in my opinion, much more easy to use and remove. 

When you’re crafting, you may see PM or SM on your patterns. These abbreviations often mean place marker and slip marker to show where you need to add or remove place markers. 

How To Make Your Own DIY Stitch Markers

You’re in the middle of your project. You’ve found the most comfortable position in your chair and you’re grooving - when suddenly you reach for your stitch markers…and there’s nothing there. 

We’ve all been the main character of this horror story! 

If all your stitch markers are MIA, you can use any of these common items to use as temporary markers 

  • Twist ties from bread bags 
  • Twine or different colored yarn 
  • Dental floss 
  • Safety pins
Green twist sport weight being worked in the round, with a bright yellow paper clip sticking out of the round.
  • Beads 
  • Dangle or hoop earrings 
  • Paper clips 
  • Pipe cleaners  

Keep Your Stitch Markers Organized

It’s hard to keep stitch markers organized, since they always like to scamper off. But I have a few tried and true ways of keeping those little suckers from running off 

  1. Use metal only stitch markers and get yourself a magnet strip. You can tape the strip down to your crafting area or keep the strip in your crafting bag. The metal stitch markers will stick to your magnet! 
  2. Keep a small baggie or mini bag that is only for your stitch markers. This keeps them from living at the bottom of your craft bag 
  3. Get a colorful keyring and keep them attached to the ring!
A pair of fingers holding onto the clip of a metal apple shaped stitch marker.

Snag Some Stitch Markers!

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