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#DoDarnGood Skirt

3 blue sari wrap skirts laid on green grass

Sometime after starting this business I found myself empowered by the strength and resilience that arose from a dark time in my life. Out of that a deep seeded passion and “calling”, if you will, sprung forth. It is my driving force to empower women globally, to pour beauty and courage back into the women of the world who need it most. This is just one small way we are going to do that. With every single skirt purchased from this listing, we will give one skirt to a survivor of domestic violence. There is no courage quite as astounding as these survivors. Will you join us? Be a part of our tribe? Help support these women with us? Speak above the voice of injustice with us?


Here’s to strong women
May we know them
May we raise them
May we be them

May we be a community that builds each other
May we value our sisters hearts and lives as much as our own
May we root for each other and watch each other grow
May we lead each other to the water when our hearts are weary
May we be a tribe that loves fiercely, roars ferociously, and stands firmly united against injustice.

Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be Beautiful, Tribe. <3