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DGY Takes You To Peru!

Darn Good Yarn heads to Peru

We have some big news.
Our fiber and textiles team is headed for Peru!

Darn Good Yarn is on the hunt for new and exciting partnerships with local artisans to bring you the most unique and vibrant materials to craft with! As always, we’re following the Darn Good Yarn mission to build sustainable relationships with people who pour their creativity into producing the world’s most colorful and high-quality fibers. We believe we’re responsible for putting feet on the ground and getting to know the people making the yarn, fabrics, and clothing you love.

Our team is ready to send back updates of all the amazing products they see and people they meet. We’d love to share the updates with you and get your take on what products you’d love to see become part of our catalog!

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We’re so excited for what our team will find! We hope you’ll join us on our adventure and tag along as we dive in to a world of color, texture, and creativity!

See you when we get there!
Amanda, Keri, Julia, and Cam