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Design Your Own Knitting Pattern with an App

Have you ever wanted to design a knitting pattern with an app?

Creating a sweater, cardigan or beanie has never been easier with our newest collab! Whether you are new to the knitting world, or if you consider yourself an expert, you’ll want to check out the latest knitting pattern generator app from Bellish. Sometimes all it takes to get started is some inspiration, easy-to-use technology and a great pattern. Bellish makes it simple.

What is Bellish?

Bellish is a free knitting pattern generator for anyone to design a unique pattern in minutes, no design skills required. Through their ‘pattern engine’ technology, Bellish offers thousands of knitting designs with interactive easy-to-follow digital instructions. The Bellish Free Knitting Pattern Generator is a free tool to help make designing & knitting your perfect pattern as fun and accessible as possible. 

Mockup of Bellish app on phone showing striped sweater design and pattern.

In design mode, you can flip through different options (features, size etc.) to see how each style looks before generating your very own pattern. Once the pattern is made, Bellish has an optimized readability system for bringing the patterns to life that:

  • Breaks down each row
  • Clearly defines abbreviations
  • Provides notes/pointers throughout the pattern
  • Features stitch checkpoints so you know you're on the right track (a crowd fave!)
  • Provides you with a sticky bookmark/highlighter to keep track of where you are
  • Row counters

Want to see the app in action? 

Megan Elizabeth, co-founder and CEO at Bellish, provides an awesome 2-minute tour of the product in the video below:

What has Bellish accomplished so far?

Over 200,000 unique designs have already been created with Bellish this year, and they were recently announced as Apple’s App of the Day for their interactive approach to crafting and design. 

Where can I get the Bellish app?

Bellish is currently available on iOS with both Android & Web-based apps coming soon.

You can download the iOS app on the App Store: 

Bellish Logo for App


Check out the Bellish website with so many resources and blog posts to keep you informed on their Android and web editions coming soon!

Can I use Darn Good Yarn yarn with the Bellish app?

    YES! Here are (2) project designs we recommend trying out and feature our Pure Superwash Merino Wool Yarn.

    Design Your Own Sweater Knitting Pattern:

    • Relaxed cropped body
    • Crew neckline
    • Long sleeves
    • Stripes 
    • Sport Weight Yarn - DGY Pure Superwash Merino Wool Yarn

    Sweater pattern ingredients for Bellish showing striped sweater illustration with teal, off-white and purple stripes

    Design Your Own Cardigan Knitting Pattern:

    • Regular long body 
    • V-Neck 
    • Sleeveless 
    • Lace texture
    • Sport Weight Yarn - DGY Pure Superwash Merino Wool Yarn (Uydyed)

     Bellish cardigan ingredients showing illustration of off-white sleeveless cardigan on teal background


    More about our Pure Superwash Merino Wool Yarn:

    Darn Good Yarn's Pure Superwash Merino Wool Yarn is 100% superwash extra fine merino wool yarn with a flawlessly smooth texture and is 100% amazing. Available in fun hand dyed variants or undyed, you get to decide exactly how you want your finished piece to look. This is one of our favorite sustainable yarns and will give you a perfectly soft finish to your custom-designed knitted project!