December 2022 | Sustainable Crafting and Fashion Monthly Report - Darn Good Yarn

December 2022 | Sustainable Crafting and Fashion Monthly Report

December 2022 Sustainability Report

Welcome to 2023! Hopefully you and your friends and family are enjoying the new year! I can promise that team DGY is pumped! We’re working hard to make sure orders are shipped out and that we’re keeping up to date with the latest crafting crazes!

Thanks to our amazing community members just like you, we have been able to save 11,001 pounds of textiles, fiber, paper, plastic, and wood from going into landfills all around the world. To put the amount in perspective for you, here are some examples that weight that much:

  • 12 fully grown horses 
  • 550 office chairs 
  • 30 reindeer - more than Santa has!
  • 4 and a half crocodiles!
  • 110 toilets 

Totals for 2022

  • No. of trees planted: 7,617
  • Pounds of waste material saved: 124,092

Trees.Org x Darn Good Yarn

Every purchase from our Be Darn Good Collection, gives back to the global community. For each purchase from this collection, a tree is planted by our friends over at! For 2022 we hope to plant 30,000 trees this year all around the world to help our global siblings. With each tree planted there is hope for the future -more food, more farms, more wildlife, and more jobs!

Thanks to our community, last month we were able to plant 451 trees!! One step closer to our 2022 goal!

December’s Most Popular Yarn

Here at DGY, we love being natural and it seems that our yarnies do too! The most popular yarn for this month was our DK Weight Naturally Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn in Rose!

Pink and yellow cakes of herbal dyed yarns are laying on a floral background

Thanks to everyone who purchased this yarn, we have been able to save 30 pounds of fiber from going into landfills!

Lookin’ Good & Doin’ Good!

We’ve got the best dressed community on the block! The most popular clothing item for December was The Karabi Lounge and Layering Robe!

A woman with long dark hair, glasses, and wearing a blue floral silk robe is sitting in her crafting room, crocheting with white yarn.

This silky floral robe is the perfect choice when you want to look your best without sacrificing comfort! These robes have saved 70 pounds of fiber from the landfills and there are still a few left if you want to grab one before they’re gone!

Yarn Of The Month® Club

In December, our fabulous Yarn of the Month community helped us save 455 pounds of fiber thanks to their subscription!

A vest made of pink, orange, and purple yarn is laying on a wooden table.
Group member Barbara G.J. made a gorgeous vest!

With each person that subscribes, we are able to protect the employment of our incredible artisans that you can meet HERE!!. For every 1,000 subscribers, our club can support one artisan for an entire year!

Skirt Of The Month® Club

You won’t find a better dressed club than our skirt of the month club! Our fantastic skirt siblings have helped us save 530 pounds of fiber thanks to their subscription!

5 women wearing multicolored sari wrap skirts in a wintery greenhouse scene

Just like our yarn subscription, the mystery skirt subscription is helping us employ amazing artisans to create the gorgeous skirts that everyone loves!

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