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Darn Good Yarn's Halloween Crafts For Kids

Mid-October has arrived, and people are decorating for Halloween everywhere you look. If you're a mother or a teacher, your kids or students are most likely getting in on the fun as their excitement for free candy grows with the approaching holiday. 

Like all holidays and celebrations, Halloween is a great time to encourage your children to be creative with themed crafts! We're here to help you out with this portion of your October festivities. Here are Darn Good Yarn's Halloween crafts for kids! 

The Great Pumpkin

Yarn-wrapped pumpkin with three other gourds sitting on a front porch step

Pumpkins are, of course, a Halloween classic! Unlike traditional pumpkin carving, however, our Great Pumpkin yarn craft is mess-free and leaves you with a fall decoration that will last for weeks and weeks! For this craft, all you need is a pumpkin (real or artificial) and some of our premium handspun sari silk yarn! Wrap this yarn around your pumpkin for a colorful, easy, and unique craft that your kids will love!

Yarn Mummies

Paper and yarn mummy with googly eyes sitting on a wooden surface
Original creator

This simple craft from iheartcraftythings.com is especially good for very young children who are still developing their motor skills. However, it also makes a great craft for kids of any ages who are looking for a fun and fast way to decorate for Halloween. To make one of these spooky wrapped up friends, all you need is a piece of cardboard in the shape of a gingerbread man (black paint optional), some googly eyes, and some white yarn

Halloween Yarn Garland

Pumpkin, ghost, and spider yarn garland hanging in front of a black wall
Original creator

Nothing looks more homey than holiday-themed yarn garland, but do you have one for the Halloween season? If not, make one with your children or students this year! This Halloween Garland from Growing Up Gable includes pumpkin, ghost, and spider shapes that you can make with yarn and scissors! 

Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spider Webs

3 Popsicle stick and yarn spider webs with plastic spiders sitting on a white surface
Original creator

If you live in the Northeastern United Sates like us, you know that spiders are with us pretty much year round. But during the Halloween season, they become popular and are featured in all of our decor! Whether your kids are afraid of spiders or they think that they're the coolest kind of bug alive, they probably love decorating with them as they plan their costumes for trick-or-treating! This easy spiderweb craft from BuggyandBuddy.com is fun for children of multiple ages and only required Popsicle sticks, glue, paint, yarn (white, black, and orange) and small plastic spiders. This craft becomes a decoration that can be used year after year!

Halloween Friendship Bracelets

Woman's wrist with a silk ribbon tied around on a white background

Who are your kids trick-or-treating with this year? If they are very young, perhaps it's you or a relative. If they're a little older, maybe they're going with their friends this year! Your kids and their friends can add something a little extra to their costumes by making our DIY Friendship Bracelets. These fun and easy bracelets can be made out of the yarn and ribbon scraps leftover from your costume making, or from our chiffon ribbon yarn!

We hope that these crafts help you and the kids in your life prepare for, and enjoy your Halloween! Remember that encouraging a child's creativity is foundational to their personal development and to the formation of problem solving skills. Benefit your child's future by introducing them to crafts and creative activities on a regular basis!