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Darn Good Yarn's Best Valentine's Day Items

February is finally here, and we all know what that means. Not only is the beginning of spring only a month away, but Valentine's Day is right around the corner! As you get ready for the annual holiday of hearts, we've got some great projects and products to help you share the love!

Here's a list of five of our best heart-themed items to help you celebrate Valentine's Day with creativity and style. 

1. The Start At Love Pouch Crochet Kit

Start At Love Pouch on a white background

How about a soft, handmade heart shaped pouch that you can use to carry your makeup or belongings, or to give as a gift to a loved one?

The Start At Love Pouch Crochet Kit includes all that you need to create one! 

In this kit, you will receive one skein of our beautiful  Aran Twisted Wool Yarn and a beginner level crochet pattern with clear, complete instructions for making this adorable pouch! 

2. All My Love Wall Hanging Crochet Kit

All My Love Wall Hanging on a brick background

Another great option for the crocheters in our audience, our All My Love Wall Hanging Crochet Kit, provides you with all of the supplies to create this adorable Valentine's Day themed wall hanging. 

This kit includes a total of four skeins of our eco-friendly and ethically sourced Handmade Sari Silk Ribbon in Neon Nitrogen Pink and Vintage Ivory, and an intermediate level crochet pattern with instructions for making this cheerful decorative wall hanging. 

3. Start At Love Enamel Lapel Pin 

Start At Love Enamel Pin on a silk multicolored background

If you're familiar with Darn Good Yarn, you may already know that our heart-felt motto is Start At Love! We aim to genuinely adhere to this concept in all we do. Part of Our mission, to make a positive impact in the universe and be human and kind, also includes supporting sustainable employment for women around the world. Our at-sign heart logo serves as a symbol of this goal. 

The Start At Love Enamel Lapel Pin features this heart logo and can be attached to any hat, bag, or piece of clothing! This pin also makes a fantastic Valentine's Day gift, acting as a reminder that a lifestyle of love and kindness should be a priority, not just during February, but year-round! 

4. Darn Good Yarn Heart T-Shirts 

Heart Logo Fitted T-Shirt on a white background

Some of us love knitting, others love crocheting and some of us just love love itself! Show the world your love this Valentine's Day or any day, with our heart logo t-shirts, available in eight different colors and sizes ranging from S-2XL. 

These soft t-shirts will help you or someone you love enjoy the holiday in comfort and style! 

5. South African Hand-Painted Ceramic Heart Buttons 

Purple Heart Button on a white background

This beautiful and elegant, ceramic heart-shaped button can be stitched onto any knitting, crochet or sewing project! You can even use it to decorate clothing or accessories that you already own to give them a brand new love-themed spin! 

Handmade by artisans in South Africa, these wood-fired buttons support sustainable employment for craftsmen and women overseas. Purchasing these buttons allows you to show love to these fine artisans and to express your love to those around you while wearing them! 

How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day this year? We hope this list has helped to make it even better for you and those you love! 

Let us know about your favorite Valentine's Day craft or accessory in the comments!



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