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This part of the site is simply a collection of your awesomeness! Check out all of the amazing things people just like you are doing with Darn Good Yarn!
You see, I told you dogs love Darn Good Yarn! Didn't Laura do a fantastic job on this headband? You can get a free pattern for it by clicking here.

Maggie the Dog Loves Headbands made from Darn Good Yarn

Wow the colors of the recycled silk sari yarn are amazing don't you think?! Michele W is going to make a couple of these triangles and attach them to make a shawl. Yum!

Check out what Debbie made! Aren't these colors divine?!

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon
Made With Silk Sari Ribbon

Check out what Fay did:

Click to get the yarn
and now the inside...

Have you checked out this awesome etsy shop yet? Feride is a Darn Good Yarn wiz! Check out a few of her awesome craftiness!

Click here to get the yarn
Click here to get the yarn

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