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Darn Good Yarners Projects!

This part of the site is simply a collection of your awesomeness! Check out all of the amazing things people just like you are doing with Darn Good Yarn!
You see, I told you dogs love Darn Good Yarn! Didn't Laura do a fantastic job on this headband? 

Maggie the Dog Loves Headbands made from Darn Good Yarn

Wow the colors of the recycled silk sari yarn are amazing don't you think?! Michele W is going to make a couple of these triangles and attach them to make a shawl. Yum!

Check out what Debbie made! Aren't these colors divine?!

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon

Made with Silk Sari Ribbon
Made With Silk Sari Ribbon

Check out what Fay did:

and now the inside...

Feride is a Darn Good Yarn wiz! Check out a few of her awesome craftiness!