Darn Good Yarn Sari Wrap Skirt Reviews

April 07, 2017 3 min read

Darn Good Yarn Sari Wrap Skirt Reviews

We are so thankful to have such amazing customers to work with. Each of you make our jobs awesome! One of my personal favorite things is when we hear why you love your Sari Skirts. So here is a list of just a few of our customers sharing why they love theirs and you'll see a handful of pictures they've sent. <3

I now have 8 of these gorgeous skirts (3 knee-length and 5 ankle-length), and I absolutely love each and every one! I get so many compliments every time I wear one of them. They are not only beautiful, but comfortable as well. I will be coming back for more in the future!!! - Kathryn L.

I purchased skirts for myself and my 2 daughters and couldn't be happier! We love how light and comfortable they are. We are complemented every time we wear them! We also love the fair trade aspect of DGY. I try to teach my kids the importance of doing good by others no matter how small we think the deed is. - Elizabeth S.

Bought the knee length for my daughter because it's tough to find cute skirts that meet dress code and she LOVES them! Wearing one today actually. Perfect weight for right now and in the winter she will probably wear with tights or leggings, perfect! And the company is wonderful to work with. Very responsive and dedicated. - Tiffany B.

Love my new Sari Wrap Skirts! I ordered a few for Christmas gifts and a couple for me to keep and am so excited with them! Such fun color and pattern combinations, and they are so easy and comfortable to wear! I am sure that the family members I purchased them for will feel the same, too. - Michelle W.

I love my skirts so much I went back and ordered more in a shorter length. Now I have a lot of beautiful options. - Alison F.

I received my BOGO long Sari wrap skirts a little over a week ago. They arrived in about six weeks from when I placed my order and were definitely worth the wait. I did request colors that I liked and mentioned colors that I was not particularly fond of and would like to avoid. The skirts were perfect! One is a beautiful bold red with a gold thread embroidery and a lighter green border on one side. It looks like a very fancy sari. The other is earthier in tone with more of a burgundy background and a more subdued print, giving it a slightly more casual feel. The fabric itself also had a different feel from the other. I have worn them both several times and love each one for it's uniqueness!! I have gotten many compliments on them. I love they way they look and feel. I will definitely be ordering more in the future for both myself and my girls. - Doris C.

Beautiful fabric, lovely colors! So many ways to wear them. Ill be back for more! They would make lovely gifts! - Carri B.

I have ordered 5 of these skirts and will order more as soon as I can. I tell everyone about them and tell everyone to shop darngoodyarn.com. Everyone else loves them too! - Sharilyn S.

The skirts arrived well packaged and as promised. The communication regarding shipment is top-notch!! I am in love with my wrap skirts, so very comfortable and beautiful! Thank you for a product and service that does good things for so many people. - Michelle F.

I took advantage of a great deal offered by darn good yarn and ended up purchasing 5 of the silk sari skirts--they are heaven!!! I've worn mine several times already and I gifted two to a friend for her birthday. She was over the moon!! The quality is very sturdy, as well as femenine (I mean it's gorgeous silk after all) and they are flexible to be worn as a skirt, dress, shirt, kimono look jacket, so many possibilities! I would like to see Darn good yarn so a nice tutorial for all of these different uses, but other than that--I'm happy, and so is my bff! - Jessica F.