Darn Good Yarn & FedEx Both Love Small Business!

Thanks to all the support of fabulous Darn Good Yarners, a unique and innovative business plan, and the dedicated passion of DGY owner Nicole Snow, Darn Good Yarn was the first Grand Prize winner of the FedEx Small Business Grant last year. We won $25,000 to help expand Darn Good Yarn, support more women in India, Nepal and now Chile, and bring the best products to you! Working with FedEx has helped Darn Good Yarn reach more people, save money along the way, and ship faster despite being located in a tiny, often snow-bound town in Maine.

See FedEx in action and see the lovely video created after Nicole won the grant last year here.

After the success of the first Small Business Grant, FedEx is offering another one this year! Hear more about what Nicole and one of the other winners, Danny Catullo, were able to accomplish with their winnings.


Darn Good Yarn is a very small business indeed (feel free to get to know all of the Darn Good Employees here!) and we try to support other small businesses. Not only do we support micro-enterprises and small businesses in India, Nepal and Chile, we also try to help out Darn Good Yarners and their businesses with our great wholesale opportunities. (Learn about those here.) FedEx wants to help small businesses too! They are again giving away $50,000 in grants to 10 small businesses. Check out their grand announcement here.

If you have a small business, or know one you'd like to support, make sure you tell them all about this great opportunity. Here's the vital stats:

Register your business or vote for one you'd like to support at http://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/.

Need tips on the best way to win? Check out recommendations from last year's winners, Nicole included, here.

Spread the word and make sure to support the business you love! And in the meantime, Happy Crafting. :)