Learn How Darn Good Yarn Navigate's Changes in Global Trade Policy

"'I think whenever there's tension or anything like that, there's always a very big upside for opportunity,' said Snow."

This week, Darn Good Yarn was featured in a news story entitled Local Companies Navigate Changes in Global Trade Policy  from a local station in New York's Capital Region, Spectrum News. 

In the recorded interview, Darn Good Yarn's Founder, Nicole Snow, and Mary Ryckman, Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership Global Markets Advisor, discuss the ways in which recently implemented global trade policies affect the business and other small businesses in the U.S. 

"One thing businesses really does not like is uncertainty." said Ryckman.  She later follows with, "We can take on that task and we can find you the answers you need to grow or even simply tread water in this age of conflict and uncertainty." 

In regard to Ryckman's role in helping Darn Good Yarn navigate changing trade policies, Snow states,"I couldn't, as a business owner, be able to bring someone on full-time and do all that". She goes on to say that Ryckman has helped the company minimize the potential impact that changing global trade policies could have, which will help the business to grow in spite of  these new challenges.

 Snow ends on an optimistic note saying " I think whenever there's tension or anything like that, I think there's always a very big upside for opportunity." 

Click the link below to read the full article and to watch the corresponding news clip. 

Spectrum News