Darn Good Yarn Celebrates I Love Yarn Day 2023, established by the Craft Yarn Council, with a Special Giveaway and a Look into the Heart of Sustainable Crafting. We are also recommending Beginner Crochet Yarn and Supplies for those that want to get started in Knitting or Crocheting.

The Darn Good Yarn journey began April 2008 from just two boxes of recycled silk yarn in a spare bedroom to an inspiring movement of eco-friendly crafting, Darn Good Yarn celebrates its 14th year of sustainable business by honoring "I Love Yarn Day 2023". Founded by Nicole Snow, the brand has been an embodiment of passion, creativity, and sustainability in the yarn industry.

"As a young girl, crafting was my sanctuary. Today, I want to inspire others to find joy in sustainable crafting. Darn Good Yarn was born out of love and a drive to make a positive change in the universe," explains Nicole Snow. Her mission, aptly named "Start at love", has been to promote compassion with intent, making a significant, positive change and teach people how to knit and crochet.

On the occasion of "I Love Yarn Day 2023", Darn Good Yarn is offering a special giveaway of a $250 Gift Card. Yarn enthusiasts can participate by signing up here.

Darn Good Yarn prides itself on its commitment to sustainable and fair jobs globally, focusing on ethical sourcing and creating products with a story. Their yarns are hand-spun, sustainably sourced, and support artisans across the globe.

"We believe in creating a better world by caring and doing things the slightly harder way. Our 'can do, make it happen' attitude has helped us save over two million pounds of material waste and create hundreds of sustainable jobs," Nicole Snow adds.

For those seeking to engage with a community of like-minded craft enthusiasts, Darn Good Yarn has an active online Facebook group and offers free tutorials in their Stitch Learning Center.

Nicole shares, "I love yarn day is a special occasion. It's about recognizing the importance of sustainable crafting. Our giveaway is not just about a gift card, but a movement towards a greener future."

The virtual event is set to occur on October 14th, 2023 (discuss this link to onsite event or FB). As Darn Good Yarn continues its journey in promoting eco-friendly crafting, enthusiasts should stay tuned. A groundbreaking project, promising to take green crafting to unprecedented levels, is on the horizon for year-end.



We create and sell unique organic women's clothing and quality yarn, craft supplies, and home goods. Our products are ethically sourced and made with recycled Darn Good Yarn and its subsidiaries are committed to doing good in the world by operating a business with a foundation in the tenets of the triple bottom line framework.