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Darn Good News!

If you have been following us on Facebook, or are an avid reader of this blog, you know all about how much we love FedEx here at Darn Good Yarn. Along with enabling Nicole to ship yarn from all over the world to a tiny town in Maine and then get it out to you as fast as possible, FedEx also made it possible to greatly expand our efforts with their Small Business Grant that Darn Good Yarn won last year. A few weeks ago, Nicole and another Small Business Grant winner, Danny Catullo, went out to Memphis, TN to visit the FedEx World Hub.

While there, they got to share their own experiences and successes with their businesses, as well as helping inspire the folks that are applying this year. FedEx's Josh Rosa recently posted some great stories about their visit. He writes,

"Watching the two small business owners enjoy their rigorously scheduled “vacation” to Memphis, I think back on the last 48 hours. Since meeting for the first time, Danny and Nicole have spent hours telling and re-telling their story to attentive listeners at FedEx, each other and anyone else who would listen. Each story contains a few variations or things not mentioned before, but each rendition is delivered with the same enthusiasm as the first."

More exciting FedEx news - we have discovered a better (and cheaper!) way to ship to Australia!

Regardless of where you live, we want you to be able to get your hands on great yarn! And did you know there's even a special Darn Good Yarn Australia Facebook page? It's true! Here's the low-down: every 2-3 weeks, Nicole will be shipping Australian orders all together to Karleigh (our fabulous Darn Good Yarn Australia coordinator and crafter) in New South Wales.

Karleigh: The Woman You Can Trust with Your Yarn :)

From there, she'll be able to ship out individual orders through the regular Australian post system. It won't get there faster (when will someone invent instant teleportation?) but it will be only half as pricey to ship, get through customs way more easily, and be simpler to track! Yay! So if you live in Australia or just want to send yarn there, it's now a whole lot easier. What will you do with all the money you save on shipping? I would wisely invest it in more yarn. ;)

Thanks for all you do, FedEx! And as always, happy crafting!