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Darn Good For The Future

Darn Good Yarn has been committed to being earth-friendly since our founding 13 years ago. We are proud to supply you with a myriad of recycled fibers and naturally dyed products. To date we have given new life to over 1.2 million pounds of material destined to end up in landfills. We give new life to that material in the form of sari wrap skirts, sari bags, silk yarns, and many more handmade products!

A group of artisans are sorting through recycled fabric. Once the fabric is sorted, it will be sent to create skirts or to be made into yarn.

Carbon Neutral Shipping 

This month we are launching our carbon neutral shipping guarantee, which means you can feel even better about your Darn Good Yarn order. You may also notice your order arriving packed with recycled paper products and bags! These are just a few things that we are doing each day to actualize our commitment to operating in an Earth friendly way.

Darn Good Yarn is committed to providing sustainable work for the people behind our amazing products as well, and have been dedicated to ensuring safe and viable work for people around the world. We focus on bringing dignified jobs and incomes to communities that are underserved or marginalized. Trees For The Future maintains a similar focus, and are planting millions of trees in developing countries. Their aim, and ours too, is to restore the land to a sustainable state and foster better farming practices that not only help our planet but also help break the cycle of generational poverty.

Trees For The Future & Darn Good Yarn 

Our annual partnership with Trees For The Future is another way we like to give back and fuel positive change on our shared planet. Last year, Darn Good Yarn partnered with Trees For The Future to plant 20,000 trees! Now we have an even larger goal and we’ll need your help to reach it. Darn Good Yarn would like to plant 30,000 trees this year! 

A hand holds soil with a single sprouting plant. "Give back to Mother Earth" is on the image and it is describing Darn Good Yarn and Trees For the Future working to plant a tree for every order placed during April 2021


With your help, Darn Good Yarn would like to plant a tree for every purchase made in our Be Darn Good Collection. Making a purchase with DGY this month provides a great opportunity to replenish your fiber stash, update your wardrobe, and do some good for the planet!

You can learn more about Trees for the Future and our partnership at trees.org and let’s get planting!