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Crocheting with Fabric Instead of Yarn

Yellow ball of silk ribbon yarn sitting on a white background

I really want to talk to you about our fibers. Sometimes people wonder about the difference between some of our yarns versus our ribbons. I am going to talk in the context of crocheting because we love all our crochet family out there! That being said, all of what I say applies to knitting and other crafts as well.

Pink, brown, and blue ball of hand beaded silk yarn sitting on a white background


Here at DGY, we are all about using fiber in our projects. We have some incredibly gorgeous lace yarns, hand beaded yarns(above), wool, hemp, and more. Awesome, crazy, unique yarns and traditional yarns - wonderful for many projects. Many of them are going to give you a completely different look- lacey with drape, coarse, elegant, etc. We have yarns to fit all gauges....and then there are the fiber ribbons!!! 


Black, white, and pink patterned skein of silk yarn on a white background

The beauty of using fabric for crocheting is the amazing way it works up. I am passionate about our bulkier fabrics (that are reclaimed fibers coming from fair trade co-ops) because they bring texture, form, and dazzling color to crochet projects. Have you seen our hand blocked ribbon above? I know, crazy, right? Get's you thinking about the possibilities!!!

Remember rag rugs? Maybe not, as they originated long, long ago(again, my age shows!). Back in the day, when clothing was worn to rags, people recycled the material in many ways and rag rugs were one of them. Taking worn fiber and giving it one more re-purposing! I  love rag rugs and they are easily made using Darn Good Yarn Ribbon!

Options are a Good Thing!

Why the ribbon? Well, fabric gives rugs the density and diversity that really add both functionality to those cold winter floors and can be eye popping-ly gorgeous! Grab your large hook (you can play with the gauge a bit to decide how large you want your stitch) and your DGY ribbon and go for it. 

Multicolored skein of sari silk ribbon yarn on a white background

It's okay to mix color and I prefer a lot of color.  I do find it wise to have similar width in your ribbon so that the crochet strip is consistent. Darn it up and you have a gorgeous rug for a home warming gift...might be too nice to give away! We have great solids and I would most definitely add some At the Bahamas to ramp up the color I so love!


Two pink and blue ombre knit and crochet market totes on a white background next to two oranges and a white box with a blue ribbon and purple Darn Good Yarn logo, all on a white background


Options are crazy with our ribbons. One of our best sellers is our Market Tote Kit (yes, it is available for both our crocheters and knitters) and is made from our incredible recycled chiffon that you are going to love working with! We also have some 2" ribbon- a width that works up incredibly well with your larger crochet hooks!

Look Mom! Neon Ribbon, Too!

Green ball of sari silk ribbon yarn on a white background

So yeah, I love our yarns but in becoming part of the Darn Good Yarn team, I have opened my eyes and my crafting options to so many amazing fabric ribbons that are easily crocheted into incredible handmade pieces. And then there is mixed media...and weaving...and...sewing and...!!!

Email us to let us know what you are doing with your Darn Good ribbon!