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Best Learn to Knit Kits | 2022

Written by Kate Curry

Are you on the hunt for knit kits, but you’re new to the craft? It can be really confusing and frustrating! You have to learn about yarn weights, types, and all the different stitches, styles, and tricks - it can be overwhelming. Let us help you! 

Below I have a list of 10 of the BEST knit kits for beginner crafters! Each of these kits includes the directions and yarn needed to finish the projects. The yarns included in these kits are also gorgeous, handmade, and are very easy for beginners to handle!

  • Market Tote Kit
  • The DGY Market Tote Kit made out of reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn. The tote bag is on a wooden table and has a pair of wooden knitting needles poking out of the bag.
    Pictured in Watercolors

    Hands down, this is my favorite kit that we offer. Not only is it nice and easy for beginners, but the finished product is awesome! I use mine for farmers markets, but also as my yarn stash bag! You can get this kit in a knit or crochet version of the pattern, so it’s an ideal kit for any crafter.

  • Go Bananas Beanie Knitting Kit
  • A pale woman wearing a bright fushia banana fiber beanie is smiling at the camera.
    Pictured in Fuchsia

    Not many people have worked with banana fiber. It’s a very funky, silky soft fiber that gets even softer the more you work it. This beanie kit can be done in a short time and you have a ton of color options to choose from!

  • Classic Fiber Bowl Knit & Crochet Kit
  • Light teal and red reclaimed ribbon is being crocheted into a basket. To the right of the image you can see a metal crochet hook still connected with one of the loops.
    Pictured in Cerulean Print

    Ribbon yarn, much like banana fiber yarn, is uncommon. You can’t find it in your local plastic-yarn store. This yarn is handmade out of torn and spun reclaimed sari fabric by our artisans. This pattern creates a colorful conversation starter or just a gorgeous piece of art to display and hold your snacks, fruit, or loose bobbles.

  • Easy Fingerless Mitts Knitting and Crochet Kit
  • A pair of hands, wearing fingerless mitts made out of multicolored rainbow silk yarn.
    Pictured in Twisting Rainbows

    Our twist sport weight yarn has incredible colors and this kit is perfect for showing them off! With just one skein of this swirly twirly yarn, you can create a beautiful pair of fingerless mitts that will keep your wrists warm all winter long.

  • Spring Infinity Scarf Knit Kit
  • A curled up completed light blush pink infinity scarf is sitting on a craft table. Underneath the scarf is a DGY insert with the story of our artisans.
    Pictured in Dusty Rose

    Everybody loves an infinity scarf! When I ask people what their first yarn project was, a good 50%  of them respond with an infinity scarf. These scarves are gorgeous, easy to make, and easy to wear. This banana fiber kit creates the perfect scarf to keep you warm and cozy!

  • Delicious Headband Knit or Crochet Kit
  • A blue and pink strip of worked up yarn is still attached to a pair of ombre wooden knitting needles. To the upper left of the image is a wooden yarn bowl with a ball of blue and pink yarn sitting in it.
    Pictured in Cupcake

    Do you want to wear and display your work, even when it’s summer time? This headband kit is the perfect option! Made out of our handmade worsted weight silk yarn, this simple one-skein project can be finished in no time at all! Also, we have a crochet pattern for this kit as well, so if you find yourself switching fiber art teams, you can still do this project!

  • Tasseled Sari Silk Clutch Knit Kit
  • A woman wearing ripped black jeans and a white shirt has a sari silk clutch hung over their shoulder. The clutch is a seafoam teal.
    Pictured in Sea Foam

    This Sari Silk Clutch pattern is a quick and easy knit project that will give you the perfect purse for any adventure you go on! Made with our recycled Sari Silk Ribbon, this clutch can be made in a variety of colors, and is a great eco-friendly fashion accessory.

  • Knit & Crochet Amigurumi Kits
  • A few different types of amigurumis (fox, unicorn, watermelon, cacti, and a frog) are sitting at a wooden kitchen table, looking like they're posing for the camera.
    Who doesn't want a new little friend?

    Amigurumis are HOT right now. I feel like every time I go online to look for some inspiration I see some super cute amigurumis that I just have to make. These amigurumi kits come with everything you need to knit (or crochet!) your own little fuzzy friend!

  • Romy Beanie Kit
  • A woman with long curly dark hair is facing downwards, showing off her fuzzy and multicolored romy beanie.
    Pictured in Tibet Jewels

    Make a beanie, quick and easy, with our Romy Beanie Kit. Colorful and vibrant, this will brighten up any gloomy winter day. I would suggest the Tibet Jewels option! This ribbon yarn is super fuzzy and it will make your beanie have gorgeous colors and texture!

  • The Poppyseed Scarf Knitting Kit
  • A woman wearing glasses and curly dark hair is facing the camera somberly. Around her neck is the poppyseed scarf, made out of a dark tan herbal dyed yarn.
    Pictured in Vintage Rose

    What’s better than herbal dyed yarn? Nothing - that’s what! This simple one-skein scarf kit will make all your knitting buddies jealous. The kit includes Darn Good Yarn's gorgeous natural herbal dyed silk yarn that is handmade by our talented artisans.

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