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Best Gifts for Knitters

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the knitter in your life? We've got you covered with this go-to list that any crocheter would recommend. These knit gift ideas are not only great for the upcoming holiday season, but they also work for Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays or any other gift-giving occasion!

If you're not a crafter yourself, or if the knitter you know seems to have everything they need already, finding the right knitting gift for your well-deserving knitter can be a challenge! Thankfully, we're here to help you ace this gift-giving test!

We proudly present to you the ultimate Darn Good® guide to getting gifts for knitters! Our crafty team painstakingly assembled the perfect guide on gifts for knitters to make your gift shopping a little easier.

1. Yarn of the Month® Club

Banner showing brightly colored skeins of yarn on white background with round border. Text overlaid on banner reads Brand New Yarn every Month!, Exclusive Access to FREE Patterns, Discounted Shipping Rates on EVERY Order, Save 5% on EVERY Order, Over 6900+ reviews with 5 stars next to the text.

Give a knitting gift that keeps on giving every month for 3, 6 or 12 months. Our Darn Good Yarn of the Month Club is a great way to surprise your knitter each month with new yarn, patterns and great membership benefits. The best part is that it's easy on the gift-giver's wallet! For only $25/mo, each month your gift recipient will receive:

  • 3 premium, limited release and exclusive handspun skein(s) of Darn Good Yarn delivered every month!
  • Access to an interactive live curated guide of patterns and one FREE pattern of their choosing!
  • Members-only access to a community of like-minded crafters, this group is a great place to ask questions or get inspiration for your next project!
  • Access to Member's Only products and product discounts that get delivered with the next shipment.
  • Hassle free subscription management with an easy-to-use subscriber portal without having to pick up the phone or send an email.
  • The ability to skip a month at any time with customizable billing (right from the member's only portal)!
  • The lowest shipping rates we offer.

2. Knitting Needles

A picture of an open case of multi-colored alumnium interchangeable knitting needles and 4 call outs that read US AND METRIC US 2-15 2.75mm-10mm, 13 PAIRS OF NEEDLES Ready for any project, SAFE & LIGHT FOR TRAVEL Made from strong aluminum, GREAT FOR ON THE GO OR STAY AT HOME

Here's a little known fact: a knitter can never have too many knitting needles. There's always a new Work in Progress (WIP) they're dreaming about that can't occupy the same needles as the current WIP. We put them in a travel case, made them lightweight and made them interchangeable. Sorcery, you say? We like to think we're doing our job and making the world a more creative and loving place.

On a budget or looking for something small? Check out our knitting needle and crochet hook set.

There's something really therapeutic about the sound of aluminum needles coming together to make a project. Trust us on this one.

3. Yarn and Craft Scissors

A montage of four pairs of scissors with an overlay that reads 4 SHARP STYLES. The scissors are all framed in circular frames with the variant titles SILVER, RAINBOW BUTTERFLY, ANTIQUE BRASS and PURPLE POLKA DOT.

Every knitter will agree you need a good, sharp pair of scissors in your project bag or kicking around the craft room. These scissors are really worth a Darn and you can't beat the price. Available in four different designs: there's a style that's sure to make that knitter on your list happy.

These really are a cut above the rest. ✂️

4. Yarn

Close up view of multi-colored premium recycled silk yarn with labels that read Hand-Spun Recycled, Fair Trade and Child Labor Free, 100 Grams of Darn Good Yarn Brand.

This one might seem obvious - but that's why it's often overlooked as gift ideas for knitters! Never assume that the knitters in your life have enough yarn. For a committed knitter, there is no such thing as too much yarn! 

One of the great things about shopping with Darn Good Yarn is that you have opportunities to find types of yarn that even the most experienced knitter you know has never tried before! For instance, we have eco-friendly yarns made out of banana fibers, cotton t-shirt yarn, and many yarns that are made from recycled sari silk! 

5. Yarn Lovers 10-Pack Bulk Yarn Bundles

A yarn stash building 10 skeins of yarn in each bundle. This is the stuff knitter's dreams are made of! Save BIG with bulk discounts on the newest and hottest colorways of our luxury recycled silk yarn. This yarn is for knitters who demand the best and care about where their yarn comes from and what it does to people and the planet.

We selected a few of our faves specifically for this gift guide:

Bright multi-colored yarn in a box under the Christmas tree

6. Editor's Boxes of Yarn

Can't make up your mind? Leave it to us!
We hand-picked some seriously awesome editor's boxes that contain an amazing array of yarn and, in some cases, cool surprises.

7. A Yarn Bowl

Luxury ceramic rooster yarn bowl sitting on a holiday scene with recycled silk yarn inside

If the knitter in your life doesn't have a yarn bowl, this is definitely a knitting gift they'll appreciate! Yarn bowls hold your cakes and balls of yarn while you knit to keep them from rolling away, help the yarn to unwind neatly while you work and serve as a handy storage place for knitting needles. These bowls make a big difference in the ease and convenience of working on a knitting project.

Want to learn more about Yarn Bowls? We have a great YouTube video showing you how to use one. Check. It. Out!


Is a yarn bowl something that your knitter friend or relatives already owns? If they, like many of us fiber artists, tend to work on more than one project at a time, multiple yarn bowls are a great thing to have! Check our Darn Good Yarn's selection of yarn bowls to find the perfect knitting gift for the knitter on your list. 

8. Knitting Patterns and Kits

Zephyr Tides Cardi Knit Pattern & Kit

One of the most exciting things that a knitter can receive is a brand new pattern. This is an even better gift when it comes with the yarn needed to complete the pattern! Knitting Patterns and Kits provide your gift recipients with new opportunities to do what they love and make handmade items that will remind them of you!

Here are a few of our most popular and personal faves!

Many of Darn Good Yarn's knitting patterns are available for free, or for low prices! All of our kits include both a pattern along with the corresponding yarn in the color of your choosing! 

9. Crafters Storage Bags

Take all of your favorite fiber goodies on the go with our Knitter's Yarn Storage Bag! This portable bag offers a sturdy shape, multiple interior and exterior pockets and a thick, adjustable strap that will help carry your yarn stash, WIP and knitting tools wherever you go.

There's holes in the top in case you need to feed your yarn through it... you can probably carry a small live animal around in here too but we don't officially endorse that. 🐶 🐈

Now available in one of our fave colors: teal!

Knit anywhere, knit anything.

10. Complete Amigurumi Kits

A frog, fox, unicorn, cacti, and watermelon amigurumi sitting in a yarn bowl.

Amigurumis are taking the knitting world by storm. We struggle to keep them in stock! Although you have the option to knit or crochet, knitters will rejoice with the creative effort and final project they make with our kits. Pick from any nine of the cutest Amigurumi kits we carry (while supplies last!).

11. eGift Cards

Animated picture of snow falling around Darn Good Yarn gift card illustration.

Still a little unsure what to get your favorite knitter? Gift Cards are always a safe bet. Give them the power of choice with a Darn Good Yarn gift card valued up to $200.


Are you ready to make a knitter's day with an awesome gift?

We hope that this ultimate gifts for knitters guide has provided you with the answers you need! If you have any questions about the items above, or if you think we've left something out, please reach out to our awesome customer service team at!