Best Gifts for Crocheters in 2021

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the crocheter in your life? We've got you covered with this go-to list that any crocheter would recommend. These crochet gift ideas are great for Christmas, Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays or any other gift-giving occasion.

1. Crochet Hook & Knitting Needle Set

This crochet hook and knitting needle set is an incredibly versatile set of tools that you'll always want to keep close by for your next project. Each set includes a pair of purple aluminum 5.5-inch needles and a crochet hook for making a wide variety of projects. Kept in your project back, this set will be your best friend for making on the go.

2. Yarn Bowl

Help your crocheter keep their projects neat and tidy with a Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl. We considered these to be a must-have for any fiber artisan. Beautifully handcrafted by artisans in India from Sheesham wood. These not only keep their yarn from rolling, tangling, or collecting dust - they double as a work of art.


Luxury ceramic rooster yarn bowl sitting on a holiday scene with recycled silk yarn inside


3. Yarn!

This might seem like an obvious one, but it's definitely worth mentioning! There is one thing that is no doubt true about every crocheter you know, and it's this. They can NEVER have enough yarn! Even if they seem to have a lot already, they are always ready to try a new yarn for new techniques and projects! 

Can't make up your mind?
We hand-picked some seriously awesome editor's boxes that contain an amazing array of yarn and, in some cases, cool surprises.

Bright multi-colored yarn in a box under the Christmas tree

4. Crochet Patterns & Kits

Patterns are a staple for any crocheter. They not only help learn new skills and stitches, but they also help further develop older skills and inspire crocheters. Our most popular crochet pattern here at Darn Good Yarn is our Market Tote (pictured below). If you want to supply more than just a pattern - check out our complete kits here!

Someone crocheting a purple market tote

5. Amigurumi Kits

Amigurumis make a perfect gift for crocheters. Although you have the option to knit or crochet, crochet holds up and looks so beautiful when working in this method. Plus! Pick any one of five super cute amigurumi kits we sell!


A frog, fox, unicorn, cacti, and watermelon amigurumi sitting in a yarn bowl.

6. Sample Cards

Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s hard to try new things. Whether it’s a different dish at our favorite restaurant or a new route home from work, we are creatures of habit. More often than not, this translates over to crafting as well; where we should be fearless in our pursuit of creativity, we get bogged down and use the same weight, type, and color of yarn. Sample cards will help your crocheter explore new fibers, and tap into their inner creative genius.


Sample cards filled with different types of  yarn. Some include sari ribbon, firecracker recycled silk, and recycled silk worsted weight.

7. Yarn of the Month

Give a gift that keeps on giving every month. Our Darn Good Yarn of the Month subscription box is a great way to surprise your crocheter each month with new yarn and patterns. The first box they will receive will include a bonus set of knitting needles and a crochet hook. Each month after they'll receive a mystery gift in addition to a skein of yarn and crochet pattern. If they ever wanted to learn how to knit - it includes knitting patterns too!

Purple yarn of the month box on lit up Christmas tree with silver bow on upper left corner.

8. Yarn Storage Bag

Take all of your favorite fiber goodies on the go with our Crochet Yarn Storage Bag! This portable bag offers a sturdy shape, multiple interior and exterior pockets and a thick, adjustable strap will help carry your yarn stash wherever you go.

Animated snowy scene with three different yarn storage bags

9. Beaded Crochet Necklace DIY Kit

We love jewelry that means more. These Necklace DIY Kits were designed by Maggie Dykzuel and are all made with thoughtfully sourced beads and pendants. This kit is the perfect beginner project for a crocheter because it's just one row of stitching! If you are a crocheter yourself this is also the perfect easy gift to make a loved one!

Three necklaces laying on a jewelry stand.

Still a little unsure what to get your favorite crocheter? Gift Cards are always a safe bet. Give them the power of choice with a Darn Good Yarn gift card valued up to $200.

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